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I suppose that sort of the beauty behind NOTA. We totally rogue. And
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Jarrett Bellini reports from the 13th annual All Good Festival in Masontown, West Virginia

All Good 2009 is now done and dusted, and what a weekend it was!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I opted out of Saturday late night
Umphrey McGee set in favor of this really awesome new band called My
Head Hitting the Pillow Inside My Tent. I play every instrument.

However, reports that came back throughout the day on Sunday told of
one wildly fantastic late night. Oh well. you can see all. And, as it
turned out, not seeing all would sort of be my personal theme for
Sunday, a notoriously wild day on the mountain.

Trombone Shorty Orleans Avenue was the first band I missed, and I was
told they played a terrific opening set to start out the day. That
said, I was able to catch Donna the Buffalo, immediately after. My
friends really enjoyed them, and I thought they were pretty good, but
nothing spectacular just some quality feel good music to help liven up
the mood for the final push.

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