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as a stop gap, I would not have been as displeased, because then you know he was not picked up as an runescape 3 gold
rather, just a place holder. Add to it they way the organization
distanced itself from Barry, yet gives a big contract to an aged, former
BALCO, league MVP, and I have less fuzzy feelings for ownership.I know I
have these extra issues, but it does not change the fact that Tejada
will be fortunate to get his WAR back in positive territory.

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I was LAUGHING hard at some of the above on words etc guys are very
talented the Balco salesman post was hilarious.Okay so Timmy gives up a
HR off of a change up. Even though Rowand carried us yesterday I bet is a
bum right now because he and Ross collided with each other causing
damage before the HR.However Tim has to wear the HR.

Baseball success offensively is the hardest % wise thus if a player
is in shape, goes to class (HS and College) is nutritional healthy,
works out using every day baseball drills and applies himself = I choose
to back the player 100%, because I have been there done that. If they
are not a good citizen (Villalona), out of shape, are not executing

can move runners over or hit behind the runner(s) constantly or
defend groundballs or fly balls using normal effort then I will
rant.Most of the Giants had their current plus and minuses before Sabean
acquired them. I don get caught up emotionally when a player I am
rooting for fails unless I see zero effort along with items I mentioned
above. Those who weren on the first train to bench Rowand Renteria

are typically the ones who also didn want any of those ridiculous
moves.It the grass is ALWAYS greener (no matter what) crowd vs the let
give the benefit of the doubt to everyone crowd. No one is always right.
Niether is a better fan, just different.I have way way way more
confidence in voglesong than zito at this point. He pitched well enough
to win zito can even seem to pitch with the lead anymore.

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