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OTTAWA Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer is vowing that as prime minister he would scrap cheapest wow classic gold
the clean fuel standard, one of the Liberals major environmental
policies that to date has received little attention.In a letter sent to
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday, Scheer referred to the clean
fuel standard as a fuel tax, claiming it will further increase the cost
of gasoline on top of the existing federal carbon tax.is an
unprecedented tax that will apply to all fuel sources, including the
fuel used for manufacturing and home heating, which will make Canadian
businesses less competitive and gas more expensive, Scheer wrote.The
letter follows the publication of new details about the clean fuel
standard in a proposed regulatory approach released by the government on
June 28. The measure, which will require the use of cleaner fuels in
transportation, industry and buildings, is one of the largest elements
of Canada climate change plan, to be applied to liquid, solid and
gaseous fuels. It expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30
megatonnes a year by 2030, a substantial contribution to Canada efforts
to reach its targets under the Paris Agreement.Conservatives unveil
climate plan, claiming it offers chance to meet Paris targets but
providing few detailsFederal clean fuel standard to require emissions
cuts across the boardFederal clean fuel standard would likely boost jobs
and economy, think tank saysIn the Conservatives environment plan,
released last month, the party promised to the availability and use of
renewable fuels and to decrease the carbon intensity of Canada fuel mix,
but didn commit to any hard targets.

Jessica Canada Holmes started taking painkillers after she had
surgery to remove a cyst that developed on her lower back while she was
pregnant with her son Carter. Her family says it was the first time the
Kenmore High School graduate took an opiod. Two years later, her sister
Savannah Holmes found the 20 year old dead in her bedroom from snorting
fentanyl that she thought was heroin..

The chief clinical officer of Cigna Corp. Said in astatementthe
health insurer anticipated the work we have started with AveXis to find
unique solutions like installment payments and outcomes based agreements
for these life changing gene therapies. Muscular atrophy is an
inherited disorder stemming from a defective gene that leads to the
death of nerve cells responsible for moving muscles that allow us to
walk, talk, breathe and swallow, according to the National Institute of
Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

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