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After saying earlier this offseason that he’d race anyone

Ted Ginn Jr.’s 34 years old http://www.newyorkjetsteamonline.com/jachai-polite-jersey ,
but he remains confident in his ability to back up his boasts. in a 40-yard dash for $10,000, the
Saints wide receiver wasn’t backing down during OTAs.“We’re in a league where
everyone wants to be the best,” Ginn said, via Nathan Brown of the . “Everyone
feels like they’re the guy. That’s what this league is all about.“But when you
think about speed, and you come to the New Orleans Saints Chuma Edoga
, you think about one guy. When you think about the No. 1
receiver, you go to Mike [Thomas]. We’ve all got our labels.”Throughout his
career, Ginn’s label has been elite speed, less elite hands. He’s gotten more
productive as a receiver as his career progressed, before injury problems kept
him off the field most of last year.But speed, that’s something he insists he
still has plenty of http://www.newyorkjetsteamonline.com/trevon-wesco-jersey ,
and he’s willing to do anything to protect it. Ginn suggested that eating red
meat might have caused some of his knee problems last year, so he switched to
pescatarian this offseason.“I’m just taking different precautions to try and
stick in this league,” he said. “When you to an older age, I pay attention to
the young guys around me and their different little things. Weights are great,
but they’re kinda going out of style right now. When I was young, I’d do weights
a lot Alexander
Mattison Jersey
, you know, just go with the flow.“I’m just happy
I’m able to play.”Ginn ran a 4.37-second 40 in college (while recovering from a
sprained foot), and said he could run a 4.35 to a 4.38 now. That may or may not
help him with any contests, but he’s confident he belongs in the conversation.
All-Pro kicker Jason Myers announced today that he’s leaving the Jets, but he
didn’t say where he’s going. Now we know: Seattle.Dianna Russini of ESPN reports
that Myers will sign with the Seahawks on a four-year contract worth a little
less than $4 million a year.Myers was 33-of-36 on field goals and 30-of-33 on
extra points for the Jets last season, and he should be an upgrade in Seattle
over Sebastian Janikowski http://www.minnesotavikingsteamonline.com/dru-samia-jersey ,
who was showing his age last season. Myers previously signed with Seattle last
year, but he lost a kicking competition to Janikowski in training camp. The
Seahawks clearly wish they had gone with Myers last year, and now they’re
correcting that mistake.The 27-year-old Myers had a career year with the Jets
after spending three years with the Jaguars, and there’s certainly a possibility
that he’ll regress in 2019. But he should help Seattle improve its disappointing
special teams.
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