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The Houston Texans chose offensive tackle Tytus

 Howard of Alabama State with the 23rd overall pick in the NFL draft
Thursday night Rock
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, hoping he can help protect banged-up quarterback
Deshaun Watson.Watson was sacked an NFL-leading 62 times as Houston won the AFC
South but lost to the Colts in the wild-card round. Watson played every game in
his second year after having season-ending knee surgery as a rookie, but was
hurt for a chunk of the season while dealing with a partially collapsed lung and
broken ribs from taking hit after hit.General manager Brian Gaine said they
became more impressed with Howard as the scouting process progressed.“I felt
like with each interval he was able to pass each segment with flying colors,”
Gaine said. “He made a very favorable impression as far the intangible profile,
the person, the character that matched with the physical ability and the
physical traits. We felt like he checked all the boxes.”It was the just the
second time Houston had selected an offensive lineman in the first round. The
last was left tackle Duane Brown with the 26th pick in 2008.Howard was a
quarterback in high school before growing into his 6-foot-5, 322-pound frame.He
said working with the strength staff at Alabama State helped him transform his
body, and he got a little help in that area from his fiancée’s cooking.“My
favorite would be her chicken spaghetti,” he said. “I used to eat that back to
back nights. I’d eat the whole pan.”He has the versatility the Texans were
looking for after starting at both right and left tackle in college and Gaine
said he could also play both guard positions.He was named to the SWAC
All-Conference team last season after starting 10 games at right tackle.“The way
we look at Tytus is we see him as an offensive lineman … so he’s going to have a
chance to compete for a starting role http://www.coltsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-ben-banogu-jersey ,
I just don’t know what position it’s going to be,” Gaine said.The Texans had
three picks in the first two rounds. They come a year after they didn’t have any
picks in the first or second rounds because they shipped their top two picks to
get rid of Brock Osweiler and trade up to get Watson in 2017.Howard can’t wait
to begin working with Watson, who was the 12th pick in the 2017 draft.“I feel
like with my athleticism I’ll be able to protect him longer since he’s more
mobile and moves around a lot more,” Howard said. “I feel like me and him are
going to build a great relationship while I’m there and help win some games for
the Houston Texans.”Howard’s experience at quarterback in high school gives him
a unique perspective when it comes to protecting quarterbacks in his current
position.“I know how being sacked feels, so I try my best not to give up any
sacks and I try to play long as I can to keep the guy from hitting the
quarterback,” he said.The Texans believe Howard has a high upside since he’s
only been an offensive lineman for a few years and are looking forward to seeing
him develop in their system.“He has the height, the length, the size Khari
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, the strength, he lifted well, he ran well, he moved
well,” Gaine said. “And then with our infrastructure here in terms of our
strength and conditioning program, our sports science element, our player
wellness, our training room Josh Allen
, our nutrition program, he’s going to have all these great
benefits to really maximize his potential. Ordinarily, the NFL can’t say much
about a player’s PED violation. The ordinary procedure goes out the window,
however, when the player or his agent take liberties with reality.“[T]he
Management Council may publicly disclose information relating to the discipline
of a Player to correct inaccurate public claims made by that Player or his
representatives about the discipline,” the PED policy states.In this case, the
excuse provided by Quinn’s agent may result in the league exercising its right
to push back.Consider the basic facts. Quinn tested positive for a masking
agent. He appealed. As of 2013, all appeals of positive PED tests go to an
independent arbitrator Parris
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, hired by the NFL and NFL Players Association.
Quinn had a chance to make a case against the standard two-game suspension
arising from a positive test for a masking agent. The independent arbitrator
upheld the suspension, rejecting all factual and legal arguments presented by
Quinn.It’s not surprising that, having lost in the NFL’s court of law, Quinn now
hopes to win in the court of public opinion. Indeed, when has a player who
failed a PED test ever said, “You caught me”? Most if not all players have an
explanation that sounds plausible. If they’re all telling the truth, the truth
is that the PED policy rarely if ever actually catches a cheater.Here, Quinn
contends that his seizure pills were contaminated by the pharmacy where the
prescription was filled http://www.coltsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-bobby-okereke-jersey ,
and that his expert witness made a compelling case to that end. It wasn’t
compelling enough to get the independent arbitrator to agree, however.The
broader question is whether anything said by Quinn’s agent was inaccurate enough
to get the league to take advantage of its power under the PED policy to
publicly call BS. If the league can show that the argument isn’t accurate, it
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