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Tips For Effective Interviews Business Articles | November 4 nike
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 , 2008

Finding good employees starts with the interview process. Interviews can be
difficult for both sides to go through but with good preparation it can be made
easier. Here are 6 tips that can be used to help with the process.

Finding the right employees for your company can be difficult. And if you
choose the wrong person for your business then your turnover is going to be high
and you'll have to constantly repeat the interview process. So hiring the right
person the first time is crucial to building a dependable workforce. To do this
you need to set up a good interview process. These 6 tips can help you do just

Tip 1: Not every candidate is going to be right for your company and many of
them might not feel your company is right for them. Providing candidates with a
company profile can help weed these people out. And a profile can help them come
to the interview better prepared. They should be ready to explain how they can
help your company. Your profile can be posted on your company website if you
have one as well as on any job websites you might be using. If necessary they
should also be able to pick one up from your office.

Tip 2: Provide a proper environment for the interview. Sometimes your office
will work but often there are too many interruptions in such a setting. A small
conference room or an extra office can work. Your job candidates made took the
time to apply for the job you are offering and so the least you can do is give
them your undivided attention. Also allow at least an hour for each interview.
It may not take that long but it will keep other people from having to wait to

Tip 3: Prepare your questions in advance. It will help to keep the interview
moving along in an organized fashion. Also try to use open ended questions. You
want your candidates to speak about there experiences and how they solve
problems. And make sure you ask each person the same questions. It is the only
way for you to compare each candidate's responses.

Tip 4: Let the person being interviewed do the talking. Remember that you are
the interviewer. You only need to ask the questions they are the ones that need
the time to talk. They need to explain to you why they would be right for your
company. If you dominate the discussion you'll find in the end that you didn't
learn anything at all about them.

Tip 5: If the person you are interviewing has worked for a lot of other
companies then you need to be wary. If they didn't stick around with any of
those businesses what makes you think they are going to stay with you?

Tip 6: After the interview is over and the candidate has left record your
thoughts. After a couple of interviews they all start to become a blur. So you
are not going to remember one interviewee from another without some help. Don't
take notes if possible during the interview because it can make the candidate
nervous. You'll have them wondering what you are writing which can be

Proper preparation for a job interview can go a long way towards helping you
find the right person for your company. It doesn't take a long time to do but
can make a great deal of difference to you and to the job candidate.

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