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It wasn’t easy for Atlanta Falcons general manager

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, Ga. (AP) —Thomas Dimitroff to watch the NFL draft’s second and third
rounds without having any picks.The good news for Dimitroff is Friday’s unusual
day of inactivity will be followed by a busy day on Saturday, when the Falcons
have seven picks in the final four rounds. Dimitroff will be looking to address
the team’s remaining needs, including defensive tackle, cornerback and running
back.Dimitroff traded second- and third-round picks to the Rams on Thursday
night. Atlanta selected Washington offensive tackle Kaleb McGary with the newly
obtained next-to-last pick in the first round. McGary joined Boston College
guard Chris Lindstrom to complete the Falcons’ dramatic double dose of offensive
linemen taken in the first round.Dimitroff said he was poised to trade two of
his final-day picks to move back into Friday’s rounds. Instead, he couldn’t
complete another draft trade. Since coming into existence in 1933, the
Pittsburgh Steelers have become one of the most beloved franchises in all of
sports history.They have a fan base that is second to none, one that travels
thousands of miles to see their team play on any given Sunday.Year after year
they are at or near the top of merchandise sales http://www.seahawkscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-phil-haynes-jersey ,
even when they may not be at the top of their division, a sign of just how loyal
the fans of the organization are.The franchise has paid their fans back with not
only a NFL record six Super Bowls, but also with memorable players, games and
moments that have gone down as some of the most important in the history of the
game.While the franchise had their years of struggle as they tried to find that
perfect formula, they finally found it with the hiring of a coach in 1969, when
the Rooney family gave the keys of the team to Baltimore Colts assistant coach
Chuck Noll.Noll’s style of coaching along with the drafting of a number of
future Hall of Fame players paid off when the team finally made it to the
promise land, winning their first Super Bowl in 1974 Ugo
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, beating the Minnesota Vikings 16-6 in Super Bowl
IX.The Steelers dominated the rest of the 1970’s, winning four championships and
becoming the standard for all other NFL teams.Everything the dynasty team of the
70’s did started to fade as their many Hall of Fame players started to retire
and get older, and the 1980’s was an era that most Steelers fans would rather
forget.When Bill Cowher took over for Noll in 1992, the franchise had somewhat
of a rebirth, as the passion of the fans was re-ignited with Cowher’s fiery
emotion on the sidelines, and a group of young, hungry players.Cowher finally
won a Super Bowl in 2005 http://www.bengalsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-drew-sample-jersey ,
and after he walked away in 2006, it was Minnesota Vikings assistant Mike Tomlin
who again took the team to the top of the mountain with a title win in Super
Bowl XLIII, topping the Arizona Cardinals.While many players have come and gone
from the organization, there’s only a handful that can be considered the ‘best
ever.’ Here’s a take on the best 15 in the history of the club, a list that
surely can be debated with the many Hall of Famers the organization has produced
in the 81 years of its existence
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