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The FPS elements of Mass Effect are pretty minimal. Yeah, it's there, but it's not like you're playing wow classic gold for sale
Counterstrike. Just put the reticule somewhere on the target and fire.
It more so when a post gets hit by downvote botters in an attempt to
suspress visiblity, then a dev of a server which would benefit arguably
the most by downvoting a video like this; posts a reply to a comment
referring to the werid occurance of the post going from 50 upvotes to 0.
Yes 0. Whilst also taking the oppurtunity to make up how reddit handles
votebotting and indirectly accuse me the poster of the video of vote

The United States survived and advanced in a 2 1 semifinal win over
England, which made just as many headlines for who didn't play as who
did. Coach Jill Ellis offered little explanation for the absence of
World Cup star Megan Rapinoe, which was later announced as a hamstring
injury. She is optimistic about playing in the final..

Ben: Weeks of entertainment. Since I started playing this latest
Mario my sink has filled with dirty dishes, my Ikea furniture sits half
assembled. I can find the time to do anything I should be. In 2007, she
teamed up with the late Uncle Ed Lindsey and created the Maui Nui Marine
Resource Council (MNMRC) to address the declining coral reefs and
waning reef fish populations. Newbold and Lindsey were aware of the
myriad threats to Maui reefs, including pollution bearing runoff,
overfishing and outdated wastewater systems. Through partnerships and
community involvement, Newbold said, knew we could do something to
reverse the trend..

She reached peak in the mid 80s and it's obvious when we look at the
genre blending within True Blue, with its classical and Latin touches,
that she's always thought it important to try new things. Her voice
changed, the lyrical themes became more provocative. True Blue turned
her into a superstar.

The democrats now are filling a field of potential pretenders to
greatness with a circus of fools whose rhetoric is both anathema to and
deadly dangerous for all who would continue to stay a republican course
(not the party but the founding ideal of representative governance). The
idea of a circus of characters would be positively comedic if it
weren't so true. With everything from garish face paint and Vaudevillian
costumes to the most outrageous screeching that invites us to abandon
our mores completely they are on the attack to destroy just about
anything they perceive as being cohesive to the people..

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