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Stationary catalytic systems market is estimated to reach US$ XX Mn by 2026 in
terms of revenue at CAGR of XX % in the forecasting Period. Regulatory norms
toward industrial emission together with growing concerns related to GHG
emission will drive the global stationary catalytic systems market. In the
U.S. Wholesale NFL Football
 , various regulations are being implemented towards
industrial emission including National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)
that has been imposed on industries to regulate the industrial pollutant

Coal-fired boiler replacement program in China will foster the industry
growth during the current forecast period. In 2012, China has retrofitted
400,000 MW of existing coal-fired boilers with selective catalytic reduction.
Since the average life of the catalyst is around 3 to 5 years. So, it has been
analysed that it will positively encourage the replacement of the catalytic
system in 2017.

Increasing adoption of oxidation catalysts to control pollutant emission from
gas turbine power generators is anticipated to drive stationary catalytic
systems market in future. Additionally, wide application of catalytic
incineration process at chemical, refining Wholesale Football
 , metal and food industry in Asia will further complement
the industry growth in future. Increasing demand for electricity along with
growing population and rapid industrialization is set to drive the stationary
catalytic systems market in upcoming years.

Stationary Catalytic Systems Market

Stationary catalytic systems market is majorly segmented by the technology,
application and region. Based on the technology segment, stationary is expected
to have the higher growth rate in the current forecast period of 2018-2026. It
is used to oxidize volatile organic compound from solvent evaporation by using
metal oxides such as copper oxide, chromium oxide, nickel oxide and manganese
dioxide. It has wide application in resin production, organic chemicals
production and rubber & polymers production.

Under applications segment Wholesale Nike NFL
 , chemical and petrochemical are expected to higher growth
rate through 2026 owing to rising petrochemical product demand. In addition to
this, increasing focus on infrastructure development mainly in developing
countries will further stimulate the market growth where the cement industry
applications have held over 5% of global stationary catalytic systems market
share in 2015 itself.
Asia-Pacific held the highest market share in 2017 and
is expected to have the higher growth rate in the current forecast period. The
growth rate is coupled with China stationary catalytic systems market. It is
expected to see strong growth due to the presence of a large number of power
plants. For example, as of 2016, a 200,000 MW of coal-fired power plant was
under construction in China for boosting the power plant supply.

Key player across the stationary catalytic systems industry are Johnson
Matthey, DCL International Inc. Wholesale NFL
 , BASF, and Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises. Major
participants are investing heavily in the research and development sector to
develop the new product which is expected to positively encourage the business
Stationary Catalytic Systems Market Scope

Stationary Catalytic Systems Market, By Technology

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