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I eventually published a few papers on the AI architecture .
Warning, it long and may be dense. The architecture discussed in this
article (after and as part of the emotional model, especially p16 ff)
enables what you talking about: NPCs who observe, learn, remember, build
opinions and relationships, have subtle and layered emotions, etc..

The lawsuit plaintiffs include two other men who say they were
molested by Catholic priests, one in Minnesota and one in California.
Those two men sued the Vatican separately within the last year, but
attorney Jeff Anderson withdrew their cases in anticipation of Tuesday
lawsuit. The Hoffman brothers involvement also allowed him to bring in
issues surrounding Nienstedt, which he says are emblematic of how church
leaders have covered up abuse..

These models are tested using a sample consisting of the top 350
companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. Firms in the financial,
investment and insurance industries are excluded due to the different
nature of their accounting, governance, and compensation practices. The
study covers the period of five financial years (2004 2008).

Overnight, infra red video recordings of the nighttime parenting
behaviours of mother infant dyads were collected for 23 adolescent and
22 adult mothers when infants were approximately 4 months of age. The
video recordings were reviewed in real time in their entirety and coded
using a behavioural taxonomy designed for this study which was entered
into the Noldus Observer software. Data were analysed for group
differences and were assessed against the predictions derived from the
two models to determine which theoretical framework better fit the
behavioural outcomes.

Charlie Duke, the youngest astronaut on the moon, is returning to
Flagstaff in September as the keynote speaker at an annual science
festival. He and Jason Young, who were on Apollo 17, named a moon crater
Crater. Flagstaff geologist Gerald Schaber plans to celebrate the lunar
legacy wearing the same turquoise bolo tie that distinguished Shoemaker
Arizona crew from others who worked on moon missions.

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