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Many larger businesses are now using short term leases in smaller locations
rather than commit to longer leases that may involve large capital
outlays cheap
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 , redecoration and relocation costs.

This trend is helping to keep the market steady in most areas – central city
locations have seen an increase in enquiries from potential tenants of office
space primarily because of the proximity to a large amount of walk in client?le.

Companies have been forced to re-evaluate their financial plans and withdraw
or reduce some of the services they offer, downsizing their long term rentals in
favour of short term leases especially in locations whjere the cost per benefit
is low or an outright loss.

Larger premises have seen a downfall in demand and may well be prepared to
reduce their prices to ensure that income is generated and buildings are

There is also a tendency for managers of commercial property for sale to add
additional signs which claim that the property can be leased instead of a
straight buy!

This is seen by the increase in the number of for sale or lease signs
springing up in industrial estates all over the country.
If you are looking
for new office space, rental prices are probably the most flexible and
negotiable than they have been for a number of years.

Office space rental can be based on a monthly or yearly basis and many new
developments have short term lease options available including weekly priced
options which are been offered mostly in remote locations or in business parks
where patronage has not been extensive.

Secure spaces with separate entry doors cheap
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 , on site security and specified
parking spaces are perfect for businesses that need 24hr access or want to be
separated from other companies in shared buildings.

This gives the business an aura of growth or success and is quite useful for
entice small to medium sized businesses looking to expand and create the right
image for their businesses.

In other buildings, a small serviced office space may consist of one or two
rooms plus access to shared toilet, refreshment and reception services.

In certain situations managed office providers may also provide cubicles
popularly known as cubes where start ups and small businesses which need space
can buy at cheaper rates or with the shortest lease terms.

Small start up businesses often prefer serviced offices at the early stages
of building up their service or sales cheap
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 , it gives the owner time to build
up a successful client base and begin to generate income before committing to a
longer term lease or larger space where they are responsible for the whole

Apart from taking time to visit and research particular locations and look
for advertising boards

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