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Almost three decades after the 1986 TV version Journey to the West first
aired Cheap
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 , lead actors Liu
Xiao Ling Tong (Zhang Jinlai) and Ma Dehua have joined forces again - this time
for a big screen 3D remake with American studio Paramount.

Journey to the West, or the story of the Monkey King, is one of the most
well-known Chinese legends not only at home but abroad as well. The 1986 Chinese
TV version is regarded as a classic adaptation, with its lead actors, especially
the portraits of the Monkey King (Zhang) and Pig (Ma) Cheap
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 , seen as unsurpassable
examples of their characters.

Although no scripts have been finalized, a press conference was held
Wednesday afternoon in Beijing to announce the cooperation between Chinese
company Ruyi Xinxin Film Investment and Paramount to produce a 3D film.

"I watched TV drama Journey to the West almost every summer vacation during
my childhood," Ke Liming, president of Ruyi Xinxin, told press at the
conference. Like many people born in the 1980s and early 1990s Cheap
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 , Ke said the drama as well as
Zhang and Ma had a deep impact on him. "I am honored. The major driving force
behind this project is the respect and love for the drama, and there will be
little commercial concern."

Coming with a group of executives from the studio, Rob Moore, vice chairman
of Paramount, also attended the conference.

While directors for the film remake have not been decided Cheap
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 , Mark Johnson, the
chair for the Oscar's foreign language committee, has signed on to produce, a
sign that the film is aiming to reach Western audiences, as well.

A classic novel widely recognized worldwide Cheap
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 , endless adaptations
of the story in nearly every possible format have been made since the novel was
first written in the 16th century. However, how the Monkey King should be
portrayed and how far the

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