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One of the great things about Madden

 This way Rock Ya-Sin
, players can feel like they’re getting a more authentic
experience given what’s going on within the confines of the ongoing regular
season. Developers work hard every week to update player ratings and keep them
aligned with each player’s current performance. While they tend to do a good job
in most cases, some players seem to slip through the cracks.It’s not uncommon
for fans – and sometimes even players themselves – to get a little exasperated
when looking through Madden ratings. There’ll always be an argument as to who
should be ranked higher or lower at the start of the season, but when you’re two
months down the road – it’s another story altogether. At this point in the
season, you expect the devs to adjust player ratings accordingly and actually
base them off their current performance. But for whatever reasons, favoritism,
bias or just plain ignorance, this isn’t always the case. Aging stars are still
ranked among the leagues best while hot handed younger guys are straddled with
inconsistent numbers and inaccurate representations. For whatever reasons, it
ends up happening every year. These are the top 15 most disgraceful Madden 17
ratings. Some of the top offensive players http://www.indianapoliscoltsteamonline.com/ben-banogu-jersey ,
by position, available in the NFL draft, which takes place April 25-27 in
Nashville, Tennessee (x-indicates early entrant to draft):QUARTERBACKPosition
outlook: The most interesting player in the draft and a few players likely to be
selected earlier than they should because that’s what happens with
quarterbacks.x-Kyler Murray, 5-foot-10, 205, Oklahoma.Strengths: Explosive
athlete with a strong arm, nice touch and solid accuracy.Weaknesses: Kyler
Murray is small. You might have heard.Fact: Murray’s Allen (Texas) High School
team went 43-0 at with three championships in the state’s most competitive
division.Gone by: Certainly seems as if he will be No. 1 selection to
Cardinals.x-Dwayne Haskins Parris
Campbell Jersey
, 6-3, 230, Ohio State.Strengths: Big guy with a
big arm who commands his offense.Weaknesses: Heavy-footed and prone to fall back
against pressure. Only 14 career starts.Fact: Led the nation with 4,831 yards
passing and 50 touchdowns last season.Gone by: Even if the teams currently in
the top 10 don’t want Haskins, good bet someone will trade up to grab him.Drew
Lock, 6-4, 228, Missouri.Strengths: Size Will Harris
, arm and athleticism.Weaknesses: Accuracy and ability to
throw with varying speeds are inconsistent.Fact: Four-year starter at
Missouri.Gone by: Might not be a top-15 player, but good chance he’s a top-15
pick.Daniel Jones, 6-5, 231, Duke.Strengths: Combo of size and athleticism is
top level.Weaknesses: Decision making was often questionable and release needs
to be sped up.Fact: Three years as a starter under coach David Cutcliffe, aka
the guy who coached Peyton and Eli Manning in college.Gone by: Pretty good
chance Jones gets taken in the first round.Others to watch: Ryan Finley, QB,
North Carolina State; Jarrett Stidham http://www.detroitlionsteamonline.com/austin-bryant-jersey ,
Auburn; Will Grier, West Virginia; Tyree Jackson, Buffalo.
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