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The Dallas Cowboys are a perfect example of this

We’re in a time period in football where the youth Michael
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, is starting to take over the veterans. If you look
at some organizations, they have pushed their older players out to allow their
young talents to take over. as
Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant Daniel
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, and Jason Witten are all gone. Now, they have Dak
Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper. Other teams have also become really
young, like the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. Going younger takes
away from a team's experience Dexter
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, but it leads to a brighter future.Usually, these
teams move forward with their younger talent when they see their younger
players’ talent bleed through, while the veterans begin to struggle. Once that
becomes apparent, it’s time to make a change. It’s better to give the younger
guys experience sooner rather than later.Look at the 2018 rookies; there’s a ton
of talent. There are also some players who have struggled this season, who could
emerge into NFL stars by next season. Maybe a change is needed this offseason to
help their development. Look at all the veterans now Deandre
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, and what the future looks like for them.There comes
a time when it’s over for veterans, and next season will be the beginning of
some serious downfalls. That doesn’t mean these players’ careers will
necessarily be over, but that their struggles will become evident. It’s an
exciting time in the NFL for all the younger players, who have the opportunity
to let their talents shine, and become longtime stars. When it comes to "game
manager" quarterbacks many people have different opinions and interpretations of
the meaning. I am going to bypass all the hoopla and explain briefly the
definition I based this article on and how players were chosen for the list of
top 15 "game manager" QB's in NFL history.The definition of "game manager" I
used to determine this list is as follows:An NFL quarterback who is able to
manage and win games despite having below average or poor personal statistics.
They typically depend on a strong defense and/or running game on offense to win
games while the QB simply manages the game well enough to win. A "game manager"
quarterback is not an elite Oshane
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, play-making quarterback and will not win a Super
Bowl single-handed. Their career statistics show consistent mediocrity.Some of
the quarterbacks who made the cut are definitely more talented than others and
even had some highlight plays from their own personal efforts. You will know
them when you see them. I tried my best to stick to the exact definition as
written above, but may have veered off a bit with a couple guys.Feel free to
comment with anyone I missed or your thoughts on "game manager" quarterbacks in
the NFL. We would love to hear your opinion.
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