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NFL free agency officially started on

March 9 http://www.thejaguarsfootballauthentic.com/jawaan-taylor-jersey-authentic ,
but we had a good idea of where some of the big name players were going to take
their talents before the 9th due to the legal tampering period, where players
are able to negotiate with other teams. So there was always the possibility a
player could pull a DeAndre Jordan and back out of their verbal commitment, but
for the most part we had a good idea of where many of the big names were going
to end up.With the salary cap rising once again this offseason, many teams had
the necessary cash to upgrade key positions. Of course, there were some teams
that misused their cap space on questionable signings T.J.
Hockenson Jersey
, but there were also teams that used their money
wisely and instantly improved their roster.The goal of this article will be to
show the teams that used their money wisely by discussing 8 NFL free agents that
switched teams that also will make a positive impact on their team. We will also
look in the opposite direction as well, by discussing 7 players that will not
live up to expectations in 2017. The NFL Draft is the most exciting off season
event in all of sports. Nothing else gets as much hype and as much media
attention. It's completely understandable why too; in the NFL teams can turn
everything around very quickly. But to do that, they have to hit on their draft
picks. If you get the right players at the right position, it won't take long to
go from picking in the top five to being a perennial playoff team.Few fans
actually have the time to pour through scouting tape to get an idea of the
quality of every player. As a result, there's demand for news outlets to employ
people who can do that for everyone else; draft "experts." Of course Jahlani
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, many fans love putting quotations on "experts" as a
way of expressing frustration with how often they're wrong.That's something that
happens quite a bit. Granted, not every expert will agree on every player, but
there's still a general consensus opinion regarding nearly every player in the
draft from them.As every fan knows, it won't take long to find examples of the
experts being wrong. Though, in their defense Will
Harris Jersey
, NFL GMs are wrong quite a bit too. Even still, it's
frustrating for fans to be misled by the people who are paid to inform.
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