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Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks

 Manning was drafted in 1998 1st overall over
quarterback Ryan Leaf Christian
Wilkins Jersey
, who was also being considered. With 18 years gone
by, it's clear the Colts made the right choice by selecting Manning.Manning is
considered to be the best regular season QB in history and his resume proves his
point. In his 18 year career, Manning is a two-time Super Bowl Champion, Super
Bowl XLI MVP, five-time NFL MVP http://www.thedolphinsfootballauthentic.com/michael-deiter-jersey-authentic ,
14-time Pro Bowler, one-time All-Pro team selection, Pro Bowl MVP in 2005,
two-time Offensive Player of the Year, and the Comeback Player of the Year in
2012. Manning has led the league in passing TDs four times http://www.cardinalsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-zach-allen-jersey ,
passing yards three times and has led his the Colts and Broncos to the best
record in the AFC twice each. Manning is the Colts all-time franchise leader in
career wins, passing touchdowns, pass attempts, pass completions, and passing
yards. Manning is also the NFL's all-time leader in career touchdown passes and
passing yards.Although Manning will finish his career as a sure Hall of
Famer Gary
Jennings Jr. Jersey
, he did not start off like this and had to go
through trials and tribulations before he became the elite QB that we have seen
over the past years. Manning did not come into the league throwing TD passes
every game. He had to struggle first before the success came. Manning will go
down as one of greatest QBs to ever play, but these are the moments fans and
Manning would like to erase from their memories. The National Football League
has had its fair share of bad apples among its lengthy list of players who have
ever played for the organization, but some of those bad apples stand out a bit
more than others. While it seems like every year there will be a player or two
from your favorite football team that gets involved in some type of legal issue,
they are generally pretty petty issues. But scattered throughout the history of
the game are players who have committed the ultimate crime: murder. How one can
ever take another persons life is something I'll never comprehend, but there is
certainly a pattern that involves substance abuse and mental instabilities
involved with many of these former players.Tragically Phil
Haynes Jersey
, there are also players who have taken their own
life. Many of these players were either depressed, facing other legal problems,
in debt, or even suffering from an ever increasing brain disease called Chronic
Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Many of the names on this list were found to
have suffered CTE posthumously. Let that fact sink in for a bit if you are
having second thoughts about letting your child play football or not. Also,
several of the players on this list that have taken someones life have also
taken their own. Although this is a goofy sports article Ugo Amadi
, if you or someone you know are ever in a dark place,
please remember that mental health providers are out there waiting to help.In
saying that, let's hope that no NFL player can become eligible to be added to
this list for a long, long time. Enjoy.
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