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Joaquin Brignoniwas one of six CNN viewers chosen to be a part of the 2011 Fit Nation Triathlon osrs gold
Challenge. He trained with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and raced the New York City
Triathlon on August 7. Try using the greataxe or dual hammers on him,
pair with the crossbow, or grudgeraker if you're running 1h axe or
hammer. Mining pick and 2h hammer are good options

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Fair point, but I think it nice to acknowledge the history of the
game. EoC changed the game so much that bosses that were difficult were
made campable (ah the days of using Rejuvenate over and over). I never
actually used legacy anyway.Perhaps a compromise would be to have
achievements for killing bosses in the best gear available at release of
said boss (in EoC or legacy). Sooo barrows for GWD and GWD for Corp. No
auras, augments etc. Might be a pain to code that though xD

When I started RS, I couldn be a member for 3 years. During that time
as a F2P player, I enjoyed the game, but always felt like a kid window
shopping in a big mall. Now as a member, I still enjoy the game very
much, but sometimes feel like I window shopping in a store I already pay
7 euros a month to get into. I pay to feel good while gaming, knowing
that I can get certain things without paying more, affects that feeling.

If I was starting to play RS today, I would probably quit after
seeing the damn "Upgrade" button you can get rid of, let alone the
beauty of constant promos. Amusingly, one of my friends started playing
RS for the first time recently. Old School that is. He doesn seem to
like RS3. Perhaps we the ones playing the outdated game due to

As for making the game "faster", I also always believed that RS is a
game about the journey, and not so much the destination. The questions
like "how am I gonna get enough gp for 95 prayer", or 96 herb, or for
some noxious weapons. With that in mind, I see no reason to cut that
journey short (let alone pay for it), but I guess some people want to
rush past things, max and.

we want 120 slayer because there isn enough room for creatures.we don
want more ripper demons/ we want it semi afkwe want it to be difficult
to get 120Fast forward to release and we get 120 slayer with a few
creatures that meet that. If they release a lot of creatures, we back at
the first problem. If they buff the rewards, they have to buff the
difficulty, if they buff the xp, then everyone has 120 slay.The updates
they do on their own on the other hand work such as Nex AOD, gwd2,
skyboxes etc. And when they consult the players, everything gets delayed
(M rework) because players who don want to touch MS want a say in how
it works. It hard to make wishes come true, especially for a 100k people
at once.

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