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Most don't. It's actually rare even for farmers to build haystacks unless you're talking about the Amish or the buy runescape gold
few ranchers that like to stack hay the way it was done a hundred years
ago. Hay is mechanically baled into large round bales or large or small
square bales instead of stacked into a large haystack. (MORE)Where did
the expression searching for a needle in a haystack come from?

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Why is 273 degree celsius the lowest temperature?Absolute coldest
temperature is the temperature beyond which any object cannot go colder.
This is the temperature after which there is no heat energy left in the
substance. The molecular movement comes to an absolute standstill with
relative to the rest of the body and hence no heat gets generated.

In 1848, Lord Kelvin published a paper in which he stressed the
importance of inventing a scale that would start at the point of
absolute coldest temperature. The zero degree on the Celsius scale
started at the point where water froze and the hundred degree mark came
up where liquid water became water vapor. So this scale was more with
relative to water's properties rather

than an absolute scale which is independent of any substance. Lord
Kelvin's paper on the Absolute Thermometric Scale stated that the
absolute coldest temperature which is 273 on a Celsius scale.
(MORE)What happens to volume if the temperature of a gas is decreased
from 60 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius?

The volume of the gas will decrease. The gas molecules move faster
when they are warmer, because more heat equates to more energy. The
faster they move, the more space they will take up and the greater the
volume. This is shown in the ideal gas law: PV = nRT P = Pressure of the
gas V = Volume n = mols of the gas R = ideal gas constant (8.314
J/molK) T =

533/333 = 1.6 If the container is rigid, then the volume doesn't
change, but the pressure becomes 1.6 times what it was originally.
(MORE)How is degree celsius and temperature related?If you had the money
to enjoy a very good lifestyledegree celsius and temperature are
related because temperature is anything is measure of how hot or cold it
is degree celsius is the metric unit of temperature Answer: I'm not
sure what you're asking but . . . Celsius (centigrade) is a scale used
to measure temperature (hot cold). we usually use the Fahrenheit scale,
but both scales do the same basic thing they measure temperature.
Another scale is Kelvin. On the Kelvin scale 0 is absolute zero, meaning
there is no longer any temperature. (MORE)

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