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dupe my entire music library while preserving iTunes dataDon't ask me how, but I've recently discovered osrs gold
my entire iTunes libary exists in duplicate. Now, normally this
wouldn't be a huge problem, just ditch the duplicate files and re
import. However, my music files are structured as such:Music >
[Artist] > [Album 1] [Album 2] > [Track 1] [Track 2] etc.

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Bonus: The files which are currently "the good files" (those which
iTunes is pointed towards) are those which were more recently
duplicated. Being the crazy compulsive person that I am, this seriously
bothers me.Is there any way to run a script on the music folder that
will trash any file that ends in 1? I really don't want to have to go
through these by hand as there are 244 artist folders and 490 album

the supreme court, and local governments while financing 42 grass
roots organizations including the tea party. By the way I am a
Republican, but not a stupid Republican.The AHC( or rather Obromney care
act) is one of the best things that have happened in America but It
still haven gone far enough yet. When America catch up with the rest of
the industrialized world and get those

that take so very much out of this country to put some of it back
and get the economy running by keeping the money circulating via taxes
from the rich and companies that can pay do nothing CEO millions of
dollars just to live well, we all will keep suffering.Piers, Donald
Trump is the worst person to comment on any action of our President. He
is so disrespectful,

he can not address the President as President Obama. His entire
action toward this President has been that of a racist idiot. Sorry, but
true. The nation has witness it, then you have him on tour show. This
makes me wonder, What your angle? Then having comment on business of the
government, why not ask Trump, how many times he filed for bankruptcy
in this country and whose money did he waste by filing the Bk

posted by DrDreidel to Computers Internet (12 answers total) 9 users
marked this as a favoriteYou should be able to do this with Dupin with
the right filtering. It should be by date since the "1" set should be
added later.I think I need to further clarify. I have no dupes in my
iTunes, but rather in the folders that contain my music files. It looks
to me that Dupin only scans your iTunes library so it isn't catching the
file dupes, unless I misunderstood the program.So, you've got a good
(non dupe) list in iTunes, but the music folder itself has duplicate
files?Change the location of your iTunes music folder (in iTunes prefs),
then Consolidate Library. This will copy new versions of everything in
the iTunes list to the new folder. Then you can trash the entire old
folder, and put the new folder back in its place, re changing the iTunes
music folder location in prefs again.

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