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Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers let Austin

 Ekeler do most
of the work White Darius
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, and it worked.The Chargers running back took a
short pass 44 yards for a touchdown, as they built a 10-3 lead over the
Raiders.They’re in position to add to it, after another mistake from Raiders
wide receiver Martavis Bryant.Bryant was running in the open field for what
would have been a big gain, but he fumbled and lost it. That adds to a season of
frustration, which includes things as mundane as dropped passes and potentially
significant as reports of another possible suspension.The Chargers quickly
capitalized, as Melvin Gordon plunged in (after an unsuccessful goal-line
attempt by defensive end Melvin Ingram), for a 17-3 lead.There’s plenty of bad
news for th fensive end Frostee Rucker is being evaluated for a
neck injury, and he’s questionable to return. Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden
wants Marshawn Lynch to see more of the ball when the running back goes up
against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.Lynch only had 31 yards rushing on nine
carries in last Sunday's 26-10 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers and Gruden is
looking for bigger numbers at Wembley Stadium in London when the former Seahawk
gets his first chance to play his old team.Problem is Darius Philon
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, Lynch isn't the only offensive threat on the 1-4
Raiders who is looking for more touches."We've got a lot of guys who need to see
the ball more," Gruden said after arriving in the British capital following a
nearly 11-hour flight. "We've done some good things offensively. But good is not
good enough. We need to start playing great offensively. To do that we need to
see more of Lynch. And we need to see a bit more of the ball going across the
goal line, that's the big thing."Quarterback Derek Carr also said he
"definitely" wants to hand off more often to Lynch. He had 20 carries for 130
yards the previous week in the Raiders' only win against the Cleveland
Browns."We want to be 100 percent balanced every time," Carr said. "That kind of
balance is good for our football team. It's good me, it's good for him (Lynch),
it's good for our offensive line."That balance also includes figuring out how to
spread the ball around more evenly between Carr's top receivers, who have taken
turns putting up big numbers in different games.Wide receiver Amari Cooper has
been the most inconsistent, with two 100-yard outings mixed with a total of four
catches for 36 yards in the other three games combined. Against the Chargers, he
finished with one catch for 10 yards and was only targeted
once.However White Austin
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, quarterback Derek Carr insisted that stat was a
bit misleading."When I look at targets, I don't look at it as I only looked his
way one time," Carr said. "There was definitely multiple times I was looking his
way. But they just didn't end up working out."Cooper is only the team's third
leading receiver this season, behind tight end Jared Cook and former Green Bay
Packer Jordy Nelson.The two-time Pro Bowler said he's happy sharing the load,
but also wants to see all of the team's top threats putting it together at the
same time."We have a lot of guys with ability. A lot of guys who can go off and
kind of take over a game, and that's a good thing," Cooper said. "We'd like to
do it a bit more collectively, as a group. That would be better, and give us our
best shot of winning."Lynch Austin Ekeler
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, who spent six seasons with Seattle (2-3) and helped
the team win the Super Bowl in the 2013 season, was not among the five players
who spoke to media at their hotel next to Wembley on Friday. But there's no
doubt he'll be the main focus when the game kicks off on Sunday."He's had a lot
to do with the Super Bowl ring that the Seahawks wear," Gruden said. "He was the
heart and soul of that team. In a lot of ways he's the heart and soul of the
Raiders right now. He's still running with that incredible physicality. He's
been durable, he's practiced every day."Behind the scenes, he's one of our
leaders. He's a bit misunderstood by a lot of people. But believe me, if you
were coaching a football team, I think he'd be one of the first guys you'd want
on your team." cheap football jerseys
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