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Our probably dumb but maybe not dumb Jaguars win-loss predictions

 The Jacksonville Jaguars 2018 regular season is
days away and you know what that means — really dumb but maybe not that dumb
predictions and guesstimations of the year! (Hey Black D.J. Hayden
, you knew this was coming, right?)Here are our predictions
for how a season with a lot on the line and much expected of one of the best
rosters in the league will play out:Week 1: @ New York GiantsWin. Mark it. 1-0.
There’s no way this defense lets Eli Manning out alive, much less winning the
game. Jalen Ramsey will shut down Odell Beckham and Ronnie Harrison will get his
first true test against tight end Evan Engram. Saquon Barkley having his first
NFL start against the Jaguars defensive line is unfair.Record: 1-0Week 2: vs.
New England PatriotsWin. The Patriots and Tom Brady always have that one game
they play closer-than-you-thought early in the season and I think their first
road game of the 2018 season is that one. If you’re going to be the No. 1 seed
in the AFC, this is the game to win.Record: 2-0Week 3: vs. Tennessee TitansLoss.
Until we can beat them, we can’t. The Titans had our number last year and
absolutely frustrated us in an early season disappointment. Prove me wrong,
Jaguars.Record: 2-1Week 4: vs. New York JetsWin. A rookie quarterback going
against the Jaguars secondary should be against the Geneva Conventions.Record:
3-1Week 5: @ Kansas City ChiefsWin. Again, Patrick Mahomes is going to be good,
but this defensive line is going to swarm him and the secondary will confuse
him. My only fear is Blake Bortles on the road against an underwhelming
defense.Record: 4-1Week 6: @ Dallas CowboysWin. The Cowboys are a mess and if
Ezekiel Elliott doesn’t get going the Cowboys fall apart. If it were earlier in
the season, I’d be a bit more worried about our interior run defense — but we’re
six weeks into the season and our line will be absolutely humming.Record:
5-1Week 7: vs. Houston TexansWin. Sorry D.J. Hayden
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, Deshaun. I love you but your defense is overrated,
your only receiving threat will be neutralized, your run game is below average,
and you’re on the road.Record: 6-1Week 8: vs. Philadelphia EaglesLoss. The
Jaguars have owned London as of late, but this will be one of those games where
I think we look back and say Blake Bortles lost us that one. I just don’t see
him doing well against a very, very good defense.Record: 6-2Week 9: BYEWeek 10:
@ Indianapolis ColtsWin. Andrew Luck will be shut down for the season by this
point.Record: 7-2Week 11: vs. Pittsburgh SteelersWin. I thought this would be a
tough game for the Jaguars until I saw the locker room imploding over Le’Veon
Bell holding out for what he believes to be a fair wage and now it’s
hahahahahahahahahaha.Record: 8-2Week 12: @ Buffalo BillsWin. Next.Record:
9-2Week 13: vs Indianapolis ColtsWin. Next.Record: 10-2Week 14: @ Tennessee
TitansLoss. As I said with the earlier game, the Titans have our number. On the
road and on a short week, I don’t like the circumstances surrounding this
game.Record: 10-3Week 15: vs. WashingtonWin. This is when the Jaguars turn the
corner from years past. Last season, the arrow was pointing down headed into the
playoffs. This year Black Donte
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, they beat an inferior team late in
schedule.Record: 11-3Week 16: @ Miami DolphinsWin. This Dolphins team will be
playing for pride in the game before Christmas while the Jaguars will be
jostling for home field advantage in the playoffs.Record: 12-3Week 17: @ Houston
TexansWin. I think this is the game that the Texans have to win to get into the
playoffs and that the Jaguars have to win to get the No. 1 seed.Record: 13-3What
do you think? Are we too optimistic? Is another Titans sweep too cynical? Let us
know in the comments below! The Jacksonville Jaguars offense was shut out for
the third time in a row on Sunday, trailing the Houston Texans 13-0 at halftime,
a franchise record number of times being shut out at half time in a row. That’s
a sentence. A big part of that was the struggle of quarterback Blake Bortles
throwing the ball and the Jaguars receivers, namely Keelan Cole, holding on to
the ball.Bortles was barely completing 50 percent of his passes and really was
more effective running the ball than throwing it, but that was part of the game
plan the Houston Texans came in with according to safety Tyrann Mathieu.“We
wanted to try to make him think a little bit,” Mathieu told Pro Football Talk
Live after the game. “We wanted to try to get him to go read to read.”Mathieu
elaborated in that they knew that Bortles would often take off running if his
first read was not there just to pick up some yards, so their game plan was to
try to make Bortles go to his second and third read rather than giving him a
chance to take off and run the football.
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