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I think people totally underestimate the role of his dipshit agent imoWhat his career high is 14.8%. Which is runescape gold
average for a wing. Brook Lopez had 5 season higher than Dirk career
high. And Brook Lopez in notoriously bad at rebounding. There were
multiple years where Jahlil Okafor average TRB% would have been better
than Dirk Jahlil Okafor is a horrendous rebounder.This frustrates me.

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I WANT TO LEWD THE SAINTFlorence Nightingale once wrote about the Abu
Simbel temples, a pair of massive temples constructed by Ozymandias,
representing himself and Nefertari. "Sublime in the highest style of
intellectual beauty, intellect without effort, without suffering not a
feature is correct but the whole effect is more expressive of spiritual
grandeur than anything I could have imagined.

It makes the impression upon one that thousands of voices do, uniting
in one unanimous simultaneous feeling of enthusiasm or emotion, which
is said to overcome the strongest man." Nefertari temple in particular
is unique in Egyptian art, in that she is depicted as the same height to
her husband Ramesses II, whereas generally Egyptian art portrays the
Pharaoh towering over everyone else to show that nobody stands as an
equal to them.

Contrary to the close relationship displayed between Atilla and
Helena in Learning with Manga, in life Helena only mentioned Atilla in
her writings once, describing him as a "bloodthirsty anarchist".Raikou
and Lancelot are often paired together in fanart, to the point where an
event actually used said pairing as a plot point, but considering
Lancelot past, he probably would avoid any of the yandere servants like
the plague,

considering that time when he was drugged and raped twice by one,
then forced to marry her after she sabotages the relationship between
him and Guinevere to get him thrown out of Camelot. Incidentally, this
is part of why I don blame Lancelot too much for being a poor father to
Galahad. Galahad was the product of him drugged, possibly under the
effect of a spell, being assaulted by a woman who he thought was someone
else. It not exactly the best basis for a strong parental relationship.

I WANT TO LEWD THE SAINTI admittedly not read Fragments, but my
understanding is that after her Master died a stupid and self inflicted
death, Serenity started murdering and eating the souls of random
passerby to sustain herself. The deaths were attributed to an urban
legend, and as such said urban legend became a pseudo alias for
Serenity.However, the urban legend in question is actually a real life
one, Mary san, but the two share nothing in common other then being
female. Serenity targeted men by disguising herself and tempting them
into following her to a secluded ambush spot, while Mary stalks,
harasses, and eventually murders young girls who lose or damage antique

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