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the media trains people to be negative. I not talking about just
politics here, but take a look at the media. its NOTHING BUT STORIES bad
this, bad that, he bad man, she bad woman, bad child did bad things,
school bad, janitor did bad thing, kittens died, dogs died, car crashes
into school bus and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on
every single fucking day of every single fucking second.

Then people roll with it and just start talking about how shit filled
shitty everything is and how we are all going to die and stuff in the
next 10 years instead of focusing on the NOW and just enjoy being alive.
70 points submitted 10 days agomarket problems as well as economic
situations of range would certainly trigger rates to go down
significantly at the retail level. Whether the rates ever before get as
low as standard farmed types of foods is unknown.

Flat means you lower a note by a semitone. Double flat means you
lower it by two semitones. Pretty simple!Wouldn an A double flat just be
G since it would go A, Ab, then G?On the piano, yes! Abb is another
name for G on the piano, just like Ab is another name for G. And Gx
(double sharp) is another name for A. We say that Abb and G are
enharmonic, as are Ab and G, as are A and Gx.

So why would you use it? Because the notes have meaning. For example,
a C minor chord is C Eb G. You never spell it with a D instead,
obviously, right? The chord goes 1 b3 5, not 1 2 5. The Eb is the third
of the C minor scale, which goes C D Eb. The D would be a kind of
second, not a kind of third. Similarly, you wouldn spell a C minor chord
with an Abb,

I keep saying "on the piano". That because there are tuning systems
out there that work differently, where Abb and G actually aren the same
note. For example, if instead of having 12 notes in an octave you decide
to have 19 notes, Abb will actually be the same note as G. Don worry
too much about that, though!

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