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Key Plays: How the Bucs beat the Eagles Not many

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - predicted a 2-0 start. Partially because of
diminished confidence following a disappointing 2017 Womens
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, and mostly because just about everybody was
making predictions for the first few games, not the first couple.We’re two weeks
into the three game suspension being served by quarterback Jameis Winston, and
back-up Ryan Fitzpatrick has been playing like a man possessed.He isn’t alone
though as the whole team seems to be clicking at the right time instead of
floundering at the wrong times.Every scoring play is key, we all know that, but
here are five plays which really steered the Bucs towards victory - including
the most important scores.In chronological order -The Play: Bucs take an early
shot, and it lands!In New Orleans, Tampa Bay’s offense dialed up a play-action
pass for the first throw of the game and it went yard for their first score of
the game.The deep ball to DeSean Jackson from Fitzpatrick was a thing of beauty
and got the Bucs faithful excited early.Copy and paste this to Week 2 against
Philadelphia, and here’s what you get, another beautiful connection between
Fitzpatrick and Jackson, and another big score which got Bucs fans excited in a
hurry.Starting games fast was a big issue last year, so seeing the offense
rolling so quickly is great. Seeing them do it two weeks in a row is amazing.As
the Fox broadcast team pointed out on Sunday, coming out swinging really seemed
to knock Philadelphia off balance early. Of course, the Eagles are the champs
for a reason, so it would take more than just one hay-maker to knock them down
for good.The Play: JPP gets a clutch sackSome criticism was hurled in the
direction of Jason Pierre-Paul when he was traded to the Buccaneers. There were
some who said he’d lost some of his talent and failed to get sacks in key spots
during early parts of games.Well, at least for this week, this couldn’t be
further from the truth. Nearing the end of the first quarter, Tampa Bay was
still leading via the Fitzpatrick to Jackson salvo, and moving into Eagles
territory when disaster struck.Normally sure-handed and focused, tight end O.J.
Howard failed to secure a pass while getting hit, leading to a tip-drill
interception giving Philadelphia the ball in Bucs territory.It looked to be a
key moment for the Eagles, but JPP quickly turned in his own clutch play to
swing the tide back to the good-guys.The sack not only prevented the Eagles from
building on the momentum stemming from the interception. It also led to the team
outright squandering the chance to put up points while getting the ball in Bucs
territory altogether. Three plays after this sack, Philadelphia
punted Authentic
Jason Pierre-Paul Jersey
, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers held on to
their early lead.The Play: Classmates convoy to the end zoneO.J. Howard and
Chris Godwin are both in the early stages of their second-year as professional
football players, and both are off to a great start.Howard didn’t get a score
last week, but he showed some of the trademark athleticism and receiving ability
which made him the 19th overall pick in the first place.Godwin has continued to
bring exponential return on investment after somehow slipping to the third-round
of the NFL Draft in 2017.The first two offensive players added to the Bucs
roster in last spring’s selection meeting joined forces in the late minutes of
the second-quarter in this one.After coming out of a timeout, which honestly had
me a bit annoyed, Fitzpatrick hit Howard on a slant. The tight end then made
Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby miss and proceeded to follow Godwin down the
opposing sideline as the former Penn State star effectively sealed former
Buckeyes safety and current Eagle, Malcolm Jenkins away from his teammate.The
end result was a touchdown. The second big strike of the afternoon, and a very
impressive way of recapturing the lead after Philadelphia had tied the game at
seven.Scoring is always key, but this one is just a little more impactful given
the length of the play, the length of the run after the catch, and the teamwork
which made it happen.The Play: Another timeout, another scoreWhen the Buccaneers
had to spend a timeout on the play proceeding the Howard score, I experienced a
small emotional event. Why the team was unable to execute a play coming out of a
natural timeout was beyond me. It showed a lack of focus. A lack of preparation.
This was NOT how you beat Super Bowl Champions! Yep.The Buccaneers spent another
timeout later in the second quarter and while this one was much more reasonable
and sparked a much lesser response from me personally, the result was the same.
A touchdown.This time Chris Godwin was on the receiving end of the touchdown
pass as Tampa Bay extended their lead to two possessions before hitting the
locker room for halftime. Important, because points are King in the NFL, and
because the Eagles got the ball first to start the second half.Scoring two
touchdowns coming out of two timeouts just supports what Bucs fans have all been
saying. This team is just better than others at adjusting and calling plays
which exploit the opposition.Well, maybe we should start saying it.The Play: A
Browns blessingUp to this point I think an argument can be made saying Carl
Nassib has benefited from being let go by the Browns more than the Bucs have
from picking him up. Which is fine.Nassib wasn’t brought in to dominate the
opposition and become a Pro Bowl defensive end. No, he was brought in as a role
player. Well, nearing midway through the fourth quarter, Nassib played his role
well.There are three defenders involved immediately in this play: Nassib,
Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy.David is the one who makes contact with Eagles
tight end Zach Ertz as he tries to make the catch. McCoy almost intercepts the
deflected pass. What does Nassib do? He forces the whole thing to happen.Players
in Nassib’s position can sometimes over extend themselves. Get a bit of a free
release and they just run full steam towards the quarterback only to have the
ball sail over their heads into the waiting arms of a Pro Bowl tight end for big
yards and a momentum swinging result.Not Nassib and not here. Instead, Nassib
and his teammates read the play and the former Browns waiver victim denies Ertz
his outside release where his blockers were preparing to pave the way
downfield.Instead, Ertz gets bottled up inside with an offensive lineman and
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, and when Foles throws the ball there isn’t an
analytic anywhere which would predict success.Nassib didn’t make the hit or
nearly grab an interception on the play, but he was most definitely the key to
it all.The play led to an obvious passing situation on 3rd-and-10, and another
on 4th-and-10. Keeping Foles in predictable situations aided in the Bucs’
defense coming up big, up two scores, with the Eagles again in Tampa Bay
territory.Given how the game turned out, I think we can all agree denying the
Eagles the opportunity to convert field position into points was crucial to this
Week 2 win.The Bucs will not beat the Eagles if they play like they did against
the Saints Believe me when I say this - I hate to be a wet blanket.But when it
comes to the NFL, reality trumps optimism. The Bucs lit the league on fire
Sunday. They were the largest underdog by an entire point. Hardly anyone (except
Bucs Nation) expected them to win, but all of that was incinerated by five
o’clock eastern time. What Tampa Bay did was incredible and it’s easy to get
lost in the subsequent high that immediately follows a Week 1 victory against a
division rival after a tumultuous offseason.That’s why it’s important to keep in
mind who the Bucs play this weekend: the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia
Eagles.Don’t get it twisted, nothing is being taken away from Tampa Bay’s
performance. It was the best offensive outing in franchise history. But if Tampa
Bay plays like they did against New Orleans, they won’t beat the Eagles. I can
already hear the pitchforks sharpening and I can smell the smoke from the
torches. Before I am tarred, feathered, and dumped into the Bay, let me explain.
When it comes to playing teams like the Eagles, there are two major components
that must be recognized in order to beat them: executing the little things and
executing said items at the most crucial juncture.Tampa Bay was unable to
consistently complete either task on Sunday and it almost led to a comeback by
the Saints. The Eagles showed during their ugly win on Thursday that they just
know how to win - which is oftentimes the deadliest weapon in the NFL. “I think
they’ve won seven games in a row,” Dirk Koetter said after practice. They’re a
confident team, they’re a fast team, they’ve got a great front four, they’ve got
an awesome O-line. There’s a lot of things to be worried about, so I can’t give
you exact order.”Philadelphia won’t lose the game, they’ll make their opponent
beat them.The Bucs defense was downright atrocious for the majority of the game
Sunday. What’s more important is how bad Lavonte David and Kwon Alexander were
at times. The Bucs need a lot more from Lavonte David on SundayDerick E.
Hingle-USA TODAY SportsThey really struggled against the Saints in space, which
is something the Eagles’ offense excels at. Philadelphia is the Walter White of
getting their best, explosive players in space - nothing they do can be matched
and it’s always primo stuff. David and Alexander allowed every ball thrown their
way to be caught. They were targeted a combined 15 times and allowed 15 catches
for 167 yards and a touchdown. That’s good for (11.13) yards per catch and eight
first downs. Both players were graded at 61 or below in coverage and
tackling http://www.tampabaybuccaneersteamonline.com/vinny-curry-jersey ,
according to Pro Football Focus.The Eagles went after Atlanta’s linebackers.
De’Vondre Campbell and Deion Jones saw mixed doses of Zach Ertz, Darren Sproles,
and Nelson Agholor. All three Eagles were targeted a combined 11 times against
Jones and Campbell - they caught six of those targets for about 30 yards. While
that stat line isn’t going to terrify anyone, there is no reason to think that
area won’t be the first spot of the field tested on Sunday against the Bucs and
if they don’t improve their coverage on the second level, the Eagles will eat
their lunch all day long. And don’t forget the fact that the Eagles have the
best offensive line in the NFL, so it’s easy to see how important it will be for
the Bucs to not only create pressure, but keep those hogs off of the linebackers
so they can make plays.The defensive line, while it looked decent at times,
couldn’t pressure Drew Brees consistently enough to force errant throws. The
result was a league-leading 82.2% completion rate.Obviously, Nick Foles is no
Brees, but he knows when to make the right throw and has dominated Tampa Bay in
past meetings. If given time, he will light up this secondary. The Bucs recorded
13 pressures against Brees, which is a decent amount, but it’s nothing compared
to the league-leading 20 pressures that the Patriots and Ravens produced over
the weekend. Mike Smith loves to run off-man coverage, leaving cornerbacks off
the line of scrimmage for up to 10 yards at times. Bleeding Green Nations’ Tyler
Jackson broke down the Eagles’ offense against Atlanta and described how the
Eagles had no issue playing patient against Atlanta’s Cover 3 Shell, which is
what they’ll do against the Bucs as well. Combine the defensive scheme with the
fact that the Bucs have lost Vernon Hargreaves III for the season and Brent
Grimes is likely to miss his second straight game. The trio of Ryan Smith,
Carlton Davis, and M.J. Stewart will get torched if Tampa Bay can’t rush
Foles.And when it mattered most, when the defense needed a stop to seal the deal
- they couldn’t get it done. After a stellar third quarter, the defense allowed
14 points, 10 first downs, and 138 yards on 15 plays in the fourth quarter. If
it weren’t for Fitzpatrick’s 3rd-and-11 scramble http://www.tampabaybuccaneersteamonline.com/lavonte-david-jersey ,
then there is no reason to think that the Saints wouldn’t have rallied back. The
Eagles will be a much tougher opponentBill Streicher-USA TODAY SportsThe Bucs
allowed the Saints to score on 80% of their redzone trips while the Eagles
scored on 67% of theirs. Tampa Bay only converted 50% of their trips inside the
20 while Atlanta was even worse at 20%. If the Bucs want a shot at the Eagles,
those numbers have to improve across the board.For the offense, it’s not
impossible, but you shouldn’t expect this type of performance every week. It’s
just not sustainable unless this team plans on going down as the greatest
offense in NFL history and the chances of that are slim to none. Where this team
needs to improve on offense is their redzone scoring and their second half
running game. As I mentioned earlier, the Bucs scored a touchdown on two of four
trips inside the 20 against the Saints. The Eagles field a much better defense -
especially in the redzone - and will make life that much harder for the
Bucs.Philadelphia also looks to have corrected their redzone woes when running
the ball inside the 20 from last season. Just check out Bleeding Green Nation’s
Michael Kist’s superb breakdown of the Eagles’ offensive scheme against Atlanta
and you’ll see why it’s so important that the Bucs convert inside the redzone.
After rushing for 68 yards on 15 carries as a team in the first half, the Bucs
managed a paltry 44 yards on 19 carries in the second half. It doesn’t matter if
the team you’re playing against is expecting the run or not - you must execute
in these scenarios. Think about this as well, 11 of those 44 yards came on
Fitzpatrick’s third down conversion to ice the game. That has to change against
Philadelphia.The Eagles’ defensive line will be a huge test for a Bucs’
offensive line that excelled in pass pro, but was very limited in the run game.
The heat will test the depth in all trenches for both teams as the game wears
on, so it will be crucial for Tampa Bay to execute efficiently on the ground.The
Bucs can’t expect to win if they don’t put the game away when it matters, but
the running game isn’t the only component that can aid in that area.
Unfortunately for the Bucs, it’s a reoccurring issue that has haunted them the
past half-decade.You guessed it, the kicking game. Chandler Catanzaro had the
chance to keep heart attacks at a minimum in the Bay area, but failed miserably
to do so as he missed a 44-yard field goal attempt late in the fourth quarter
that would’ve given the Bucs a three-score lead and essentially end the game.
Catanzaro must be better in the clutchDouglas DeFelice-USA TODAY SportsThe
Saints took over and immediately drove down the field and scored a touchdown,
then the subsequent two-point conversion to make it a one-score game. The saving
grace for Tampa Bay was third down and no turnovers. The Bucs were 8/13 on the
money down, which includes Fitzpatrick’s game-winning scramble. But excelling in
those two areas alone won’t beat the Eagles on Sunday. It’s going to take an
even better effort than what was witnessed against the Saints, as hard as that
may be to believe. If the Bucs can improve in these areas, then there is a great
shot at a 2-0 start on the season. Regardless of what happens, Sunday will be a
great evaluator of how far this team has really come and where they will
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