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Week 16 was extremely kind to the Baltimore

Ravens as they
not only have taken the lead in the AFC North but now have a chance to hold the
two or three seed. While some of these scenarios seem somewhat
unlikely http://www.ravenscheapstores.com/alex-collins-jersey-cheap ,
anything can happen as proven by Sunday’s games. AFC North TitleThe Ravens have
two paths to win the AFC North crown:Defeat the Browns ORSteelers lossIn the
event of a Pittsburgh tie, Baltimore would need to win to stay atop of the AFC
North. Path to a first-round byeThe path for the Ravens to obtain a first-round
bye will require a ton of help. They will need the following to happen:Jets win
over the Patriots + Jaguars defeat the Texans + Colts-Titans game does not end
in a tie + Ravens winThree and four seedThe route for the Ravens to achieve the
four seed is relatively simple.Ravens win + Texans win The three seed has a
straightforward path, but also one complicated route.Ravens win + Texans loss +
Colts or Titans win ORRavens win + Texans loss + Colts-Titans tieThe latter
scenario will result in the Steelers sneaking into the sixth seed if they defeat
the Bengals. However, the three seed would be a tiebreaker between the Ravens
and Texans. With the common opponents and conference record being exactly even,
it would come down to strength of victory. This is a much more complicated
tiebreaker to unravel, and a lot can happen. Assuming the Ravens defeat the
Browns and the Texans fall to the Jaguars, both teams would have beaten the
Browns, Bills Cheap Ronnie
Stanley Jersey
, Broncos, and Titans. To simplify the math, these
four teams’ records can be canceled out. The remaining six teams the Texans have
beaten are the Redskins, Colts, Cowboys, Jaguars, Dolphins, and Jets. Their
current combined record is 41-49.By canceling out the common
victories Youth
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, the Ravens have beaten the Falcons,
Raiders, Buccaneers, Chargers, Steelers, and Bengals. Those six teams have a
combined record of 41-47-1* (Raiders still have to play in Week 16). With as
close as the strength of victory is, any game could swing it one way or the
other. Below is a quick schedule rundown of the important games:Dolphins vs.
BillsEagles vs. RedskinsCowboys vs. GiantsColts vs. TitansJaguars vs. Texans
(Jaguars need to win this game in order for the scenario to occur)Jets vs.
PatriotsRaiders vs. ChiefsBroncos vs. ChargersFalcons vs. BuccaneersSteelers vs.
BengalsDepending on how these games unfold, the Ravens could win this
tiebreaker. It is tough to predict the outcome for all of these
matchups Youth Tony
Jefferson Jersey
, but it will be close. Wild-cardThere is one
scenario where the Ravens would finish as the sixth seed:Steelers win + Ravens
tie+ Colts-Titans tieThe probability of this occurring is extremely unlikely.
Ravens Won’t Rehash the Past, But Are Driven By It- Clifton BrownDefeating
Cleveland is not a simple task, the Browns have won five of their last six
games. If the Ravens earn the Week 17 victory, they will win the AFC North
division for the first time since 2012. Baltimore Controls Playoff Destiny, but
Cleveland Won’t Make It Easy - Scott GramlingBaltimore had notched five straight
wins over Cleveland before the Week 5 failure. NFL odds, picks for Week 17:
Advanced computer model loving Ravens and Texans - CBSThe ELO model predicts the
Ravens have an 81-percent win probability.Why the Cleveland Browns can beat the
Baltimore Ravens - Sam QuinnWith the mobility to evade pass rushers and the
accuracy to thread passes into tight windows, Baker Mayfield poses a legitimate
challenge for the Ravens defense. The rookie quarterback has tossed 24
touchdowns and led four game-winning drives in a dozen starts this season.
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