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Proper digestion of food allows nutrients to be absorbed through the
gastrointestinal tract and poor GI functions can disrupt the flow of energy from
the foods to body cells. Survey of 1995 found more than 3 million in US suffered
from frequent constipation and the condition is more common in people in age
above 65 years. The problem can happen either due to colon inertia or due to
delayed transit where the decrease in muscle activities in the digestive tract
reduces the ability of bowel movement and this can affect the entire colon.
Sluggish bowel happens in condition of slow metabolism which can be due to -
genetic factors Joshua Dobbs
 , eating disorders, sedentary lifestyle or health conditions
such as hypothyroidism and diabetes - which causes constipation.

One the
other hand, health conditions e.g. Diabetes causes slow digestive transit as the
medical condition damages the nerves which control the bowel functions. The
condition of irregular and slow bowel movement gets serious and complicated as
it can cause hemorrhoids by straining and bleeding in rectal. It can cause
rectal prolapse where straining due to coughing can cause secretions of mucus
and the conventional treatment for such conditions is mostly surgery. Rigorous
physical exercises can regulate bowel movement and improve metabolic rate,
while, starvation as well as malnutrition can reduce the metabolic rate.

The way the body functions depends on many factors - sex Cameron Sutton
 , age, weight, height, muscle mass, endocrines etc. A diet
rich in fruits Joe Haden
 , seeds, fibers and leafy veggies containing insoluble
fibers can improve gut transit, while, foods with soluble fiber e.g. oats, root
veggies Javon Hargrave
 , apples can slow down the transit. Many assume the post
meal stimulus to be due to fast metabolism but the gastro colic reflex after a
heavy meal or urge triggered by endocrines, or after intake of coffee can cause
urgent need for bowel movement due to the involuntary wave which propels food in
the gastrointestinal tract forward to make room for whatever is about to come.

Hypothyroidism is another condition which can slow down metabolism and
cause fatigue, chronic constipation and weight gain. Similarly, one should guard
against depression and even be cautious while taking anti depressants as it can
cause constipation. One should drink water to regulate bowel movement, allow
easy transit and flushing out of toxins from the digestive tract. Guard against
food allergies to cure hard stool and enable smooth muscle

Herbs in Arozyme capsules e.g. Haritaki - terminalia
chebula can help in preventing accumulation of free radical in body from
metabolic activities Sean Davis
 , chemicals, radiations, environmental pollutants, toxins,
physical stress or injuries as free radicals cause the disintegration of cell
membrane and damage membrane proteins and DNA to cause different types of
metabolic diseases. Haritaki provides bio chemicals to cure hard stool and
eliminate water from the body. Gardenia gummifera Artie Burns
 , sonth, ajwain and haritaki are three ingredients in the
herbal digestive aid - Arozyme capsules which can enhance GI functions, cure
internal wounds, ulcers and infections. Gardenia gummifera is a gum resin, a
vata and kapha suppressor that can eliminate wind and infections from the GI
tract to regulate bowel movement. It is believed to be effective treatment for
digestive ailments Maurkice
Pouncey Jersey
 , obesity and skin diseases. It can prevent
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