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Gardens are a magical part of family life. Some outdoor space Ryan Dzingel
Senators Jersey
 , however limited, is a real bonus when you have
children. A space to run around in, play with a ball and learn to dig, water and
nurture plants is really beneficial to kids growing up.

A good gardener
can give you all sorts of ideas for your patch Nate Thompson
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 , whether you have a balcony or an acre or two.
Just like interior planning, if you have the space you may want to define an
area for adults and a separate area for children, as your needs are poles apart.
Adults enjoy gardens for relaxation and peace, whereas children use them as
areas for free play Zack Smith Senators
 , for secret dens and for letting off steam.

So what
do you need for the perfect children's garden?

Lawns are a great
all-purpose garden surface that kids can kick balls across and adults can
sunbathe on. Of course they require maintenance - from regular mowing in the
Spring and Summer to annual feeding and weeding to keep in tip top condition.
Kids running a lot on a lawn can cause bare patches in hot weather and in wet
weather mud may become an issue. But there are hard-wearing types of grass on
the market. In particular fine-leafed rye grass stands up to heavy

When planting up a family garden go for robust plants that will
withstand the odd flying football and trampling feet. Delicate plants should be
tucked away in borders away from the play area, or in pots. Also beware of
poisonous plants that little children may touch. They may even try to chew the
flowers and berries. And sharp or thorn plants can cause accidents so keep these
to a minimum for an easier life.

Children love discovering how plants
grow and adore picking fruit and vegetables that they have cultivated
themselves. Spring bulbs, planted in the autumn are very rewarding and fruit and
vegetables that are easy to grow include runner beans, tomatoes Tom Pyatt Senators
 , lettuces and blueberries. Herbs are also fairly

If you have space small children love climbing equipment,
swings and hammocks to play in. There are plenty of ready made apparatus
available or some gardeners and carpenters will custom make stepping stones,
tight ropes, even tree houses! Just make sure that whatever play equipment you
use is properly anchored to the ground and that there is a safe landing
underneath - grass or bark chippings both work really well.
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