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I been to the headquarters and saw how they work it. One jmod was looking at a ticket where the offender was swearing a runescape gold
lot (appears to be dueling related). He made an appeal with "I know
your reading this jagex and even you find it funny", which isn exactly
an appeal.. energy etc), other pkers are usually around and then it
turns into pvp, pker vs pker. Osrs also has alot of pking based clans,

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Animals. That all I can say without without vulgar. I have countless
screenshots of these people tormenting us which I happily upload or
share with you in private.I not sure if you realise, but it one of these
toxic crashers who posted this image. Before either of you in the
office consider killing off the entire minigaming community for good,
and those of us who have been attempting to run FCs while these toxic
crashers are just left unpunished to roam free and crash/torment/flame

try out the content WITH AN FC, or on the homeworld on some unknown
account of yours and see how difficult it is and how much shit we have
to deal with. Also before the minigame hub update is done, I hope the
JMods overseeing the update will talk to those of us who are passionate
about the future of minigames/D in game before doing any changes for the

Hedgerune 1 point submitted 8 months agoHi minigames good for you
to try and make crashers something we aren't, I see you and salve both
here to hopefully keep your boosting fcs going that's nice, crashers
aren't bafcw who was the fc who would make alts, and are pretty much
gone at this point. just watch osrs streamers who stream wildy a lot
you always see team based multi fights in wildy.

Also the market just won bare it. I used to work at a real small
engineering firm and I like making nice things. I could design a system
to do a specific thing incredibly well and it will work for a long time.
Is contributing greatly to the gun violence and killing in the USA. I
am also a believer in freedom of speech and not generally in favor of
sensorship but I also believe that we as citizens need to exercise

Stop wearing a hat unless it for the winter cold. Score some sweet
leather boots. Find some sunglasses that work great with your face (I
find them in the 99 cent bin at Goodwill). I opened a door to try and
leave only to trigger a cutscene, get sprayed in the face with a gas and
end up in a jail, without the key pieces. I went back, got the key
pieces AGAIN and instead of doing whatever it was you were supposed to
do to leave with the key halves I hopped to a Bounty Hunter world. It
was just another world hop, Slayer cape teleport and a short run to
finally activate the forge.

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