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so it not convenient to drop them off on the way. Or maybe you work a schedule that doesn osrs 07 fire cape
let you go to work around the time school starts (nurses work 12 hour
shifts, garbagemen start work at like 4 am in a lot of places, etc.)If
the bus can safely make it, usually that means there is going to be a
delay or school cancellation.

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I still think what I said applies the fact that the game rules
allow it and you're having fun doesn't mean you aren't being a dick. It
just means you enjoy being a dick. Although there is always the chance
that some dumbass has brought loads of valuables in their inventory,
which is a good reason, I guess.

Personally I just find it really weird that they'd design the content
this way in the first place, kinda like the agility course pre demonic
skull. You'd think that if the intent is to balance out the reward with
extra risk, they'd give the PKers an actual reason to PK people doing
it. Like, make the demonic skull give bonuses there or something.

Where did I say anything about morality and good vs bad? Literally
all I saying is griefers are being dicks (which shouldn be
controversial, the two terms are basically synonyms), and it bad game
design when a piece of content is only enjoyed by griefers. And also
that it weird for the demonic skull to do nothing when the entire point
of it is to give PKers an actual incentive to kill skillers.

I feel like you taking calling someone a dick as some grand moral
indictment on them, but it really not. It just saying someone doing
something just to be annoying.it supposed to pull in random players that
are BETTER than the players in the 5 stack to balance out the lack of
communication and synergy. Here it pulled in 5 randoms that were worse. I
sure it wasn fun, but this is MM fault, not 5 stacking.

with the possiblity of adding bonus max health (Infamy) or a higher
whirl speed (Blade Dance) as bonus. If you go for a Smolder loadout,
pretty much anything works. But then again, you could always go for a
spinny Zhin loadout, with Wild Fire V and Guillotine.Public
transportation doesn really exist in the way that it does in Europe in a
lot of places in the US. Especially if the more rural areas, there isn
any sort of bus or train system at all.

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