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As someone who helped some of friends get into competitive magic, I noticed that newer players in particular cheap osrs gold
get bogged down in game states because they don have the mental
shortcuts that allow experienced players to quickly understand a game
state. They want to make the best play, and have to think through each
step to get there.

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The first thing is to help them learn the shortcuts to play
faster.The other way is a great quote from a local L3. "This event is
not only a test of your ability to play magic well, but to play magic
well under time pressure. That means you may have to make decisions
without having time to go through every outcome."

He might just have to accept that he going to make mistakes while he
learns to play at a faster pace, and that okay.Life link is usually
pretty good because it's repeatable. Life gain in general isn't usually
very good. There's a card [[heroes' reunion]] that's 2 mana for 7 life
and I would say that's about as efficient as you get in terms of mana to
life gain on a 1 shot spell.

A lot of cards are like 4 mana for 6 life and I would say that's
practically unplayable. It's too much mana for too little gain. 2 mana
for 7 life is pretty much as low as I like to go on cards that only gain
life and nothing else, i would be pretty uncomfortable using cards that
give you too much less life or cost too much more mana. I could
potentially see playing that life link guy you posted,

depending on the deck. for the spectral reserves a lot of your value
is in the creature tokens. 2 1/1 creature tokens usually costs 2 or 3
mana, but these ones have flying, which is a pretty big advantage for a
creature token. So that's like 3 or 4 mana just for the creature tokens,
then you get an extra 2 life for fun. It's not an amazing card, and as a
life gain card it's even worse.

Little did I know that since these files are synced that delete
button, doesn delete the local files, but deletes them off the server.
Permanently. Years worth of our technical documentation for hundreds of
clients. Documents that everyone on the company used every dayLuckily I
was able to scramble to restore the data from the backup which had
entirely coincidentally only finished about 20 minutes beforehand so no
one even noticed.

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