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We’ve got Monday Night Football’s yearly

 Week 1 doubleheader
on tap tonight Authentic Ian
Thomas Jersey
, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!At 7:10 p.m. ET,
the Lions host the Jets, which should be a pretty good game that the Lions
should win. They’re at home so they should have an advantage, but don’t rule the
Jets out.At 10:20 p.m. ET, the Raiders host the Rams, and let me tell you
somethin’ man I really like what the Rams are doing with the football. Todd
Gurley is a machine, man http://www.carolinapanthersteamonline.com/michael-palardy-jersey ,
and I think that if Sean McVay can keep feeding the beast he’ll score lots of
touchdowns this season, you know what I’m sayin’? I tell you what man, that Sean
McVay is a really good coach and I don’t know if the Raiders will be able to
stop him. I just love what he’s doing over there, man. Spider 2 Y Banana. Use
this space to talk about the action as it unfolds.You know the drill.This is now
an open thread!Panthers vs Giants defensive preview: The Panthers defense gets
their first taste of Mike Shula as an opposing coordinator Mike Shula was the
Panthers offensive coordinator for five wildly inconsistent seasons. Even after
an 11-5 season and postseason berth, Ron Rivera and Marty Hurney saw it fit to
set their offensive coordinator free to find greener pastures. It didn’t take
long for Don Shula’s son to find work, as he was quickly snatched up by his old
boss Dave Gettleman, now the general manager of the New York Giants. This may
surprise you Authentic
Christian McCaffrey Jersey
, but Mike Shula’s offense hasn’t been
good this season. The Giants rank 25th in the NFL in yards per game and 29th in
scoring. Eli Manning is in the twilight of his career, but this is an offense
rife with weapons. An offense with Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard out
wide with Evan Engram at tight end and Saquon Barkley in the backfield shouldn’t
be a bottom ten offense, no matter the quarterback. But here we are. The
Panthers will welcome those struggling Giants into Bank of America with open
arms after back to back games against potent offenses. Eric Washington’s defense
has come back down to Earth after a stellar Week 1 performance, ceding at least
6.5 yards per play in consecutive weeks for the first time since Weeks 6 and 7
of the 2014 season. A similar performance against this Giants team is simply
unacceptable. To ensure that doesn’t happen, here’s what the Panthers need to
do:Tackle Saquon Barkley. The rookie has been the only light able to escape the
Giants black hole of an offense. I’ll let these Tweets explain it for me.The
second Tweet doesn’t account for Week 4, but the point remains the same. Barkley
is difficult to tackle, and he has explosive potential both as a runner and a
receiver. Devote as much attention as possible to Odell Beckham Jr. Sterling
Shepard is a good young wide receiver http://www.carolinapanthersteamonline.com/mario-addison-jersey ,
but he’s not Beckham. Beckham is a threat to take a simple crossing route or
quick slant to the house on every play. It hasn’t happened yet this season, but
we know the potential is there. Thankfully the Giants have shown little interest
in throwing the ball down the field (Eli’s 6.3 air yards per attempt is the
sixth lowest mark in the league), so this is more about swarming to OBJ and
making the tackle once he has the ball rather than accounting for him deep. Get
close to Eli Manning so he’ll sack himself. Eli has been sacked 15 times this
season, fourth most in the NFL. The reasons for that are twofold. One, the
Giants have a leaky offensive line; Football Outsiders has them ranked as the
seventh worst pass blocking offensive line in the league. Compounding that
problem is Manning’s propensity to sack himself. He’s like an anti-Cam Newton.
If he sees a defender shed a block or feels a defender’s hand on his shoulder
pads, he collapses into a puddle. It’s a prime opportunity for Efe Obada to
build off Week 3’s breakout performance and for Mario Addison to continue adding
sacks to his tally.The Panthers defense should be able to handle the Giants
offense with relative ease. Their are fearsome play makers littered throughout
the offense, but offensive line Authentic
Taylor Moton Jersey
, quarterback, and offensive coordinator
problems are hamstringing that talent. The Panthers catch a break with Evan
Engram out for the contest with a knee injury, which makes an already juicy
match-up even more enticing.
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