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A lot of us have been fascinated by the flying saucer type of
contraptions that people make use of when they are on the look out for
metals or coins and we have seen them for centuries now on TV and the
movies. These gadgets are considered real and they can detect metals and
are often called metal detectors. To put it simply,

Originally, the first batch of metal detectors were employed in the
1960s and they were used for the purposes of mining and other industrial
reasons. De mining or spotting of land mines left by forces of the
enemy when at war, detection of illegal weapons like knives and guns in
public places such as malls, restaurants, airports and other similar
public establishments,

geophysical prospecting and land survey, archeology activities or the
Indiana Jones type of movies or simply treasure hunting are some of the
modern uses of metal detectors. Other applications of metal detectors
are the detection of steel reinforcements inside concrete structures and
the discovery of foreign items in food.

Ugh I sorry I meant to put an S. Futuresight. Sorry. My Espeons are
89 and 79 and everything else is 82% 98%. I don have great advice on the
IV part because I put a good bit of patience and effort in
finding/hatching decent IVs to counter with. Also, a majority of my
level ups are focused lately on breakpoints. I not putting stardust in
Dragonites though. Someone told me on here a bit ago that for Machamp,
the Espeons just need to be a high CP. but I just stopped at 29.5

30.5 for the birds (even though the breakpoints weren all there he
still came in handy at 30.5 against gengar) TLDR: Pretty much focus on
current meta and what is good against what. Those premier balls add up
whether you 3 manning something or 10 manning when you have the right

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