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Or you can just have them touch it/lose an impossible fight and wake up, hand waving it away as a dream.There osrs gold
honestly like 500 ways to do it. Just make it fit."can you make a
parachute out of hair?" and "world record highest thread count, cotton
vs silk" which lead to: "as thread count rises, what happens to density
and area of fabric per amount of thread.""can you render oil from greasy

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Wow you ridiculous. Ok, lets start with this. Trump didn call for
(political) violence. Never. stop saying he did or prove it, I prove you
wrong in like 2 seconds. Its not hard. The hiring pool is compromised
of middle class, blue collar workers. These are real people just like
you and me who apply for and get these jobs, and real people are fucked
up sometimes.

99% of police departments already have extensive background
investigations involving interviews with your family, friends and even
sometimes previous employers, a psych evaluation and a polygraph that
must all be passed before being hired. Some departments even run a
credit check or request passwords to your social media accounts. What
else is there to do?

I think its a little less than 99% there seeing how a lot of officers
are able to be let go from one department and find work elsewhere. Just
because blue collar people work it doesn make it any less important for
society to have a trustworthy, honest, and dependable police force.
Nobody should have a right to work in that field just because they got a
certification (which often takes less time than an associate degree).

Police have an elevated status in the social order and the reality
is that people abuse it. Im not saying everyone does but i think that
those who do are committing a violation beyond just their specific
crime. Theyre abusing the trust that society has placed on them and that
should lose them their right to that trust, minimum.Until we can read
minds (or someone invents a lie detector that actually detects lies)

you need to focus your gear on that. The same is true for warriors. I
always play the hardest difficulty so im just kind of used to the
struggle (witcher 3 death march, give me god of war from GoW4). It just
like most modern rpgs on their highest difficulty the beginning feels
rough but it because you don have the tools yet to deal with certain

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