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Montreal news outlet La Presse to cut 37 jobs as advertising revenue dropsThe blame for this lies runescape gold
completely with Marketing who over promised and forced development to
pick up something that they could never realistically deliver.The media
outlet has 230 journalists in its newsroom and a total of 550 employees.

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I think it is also important to keep in mind that they were
essentially trapped in space with no access to new materials for
teaching. They would have needed to likely make the decision about which
language to use as the most common spoken language for everyone was, as
well as what they had the most resources for teaching.

Most likely everyone in space at that time was either native in
English or learned it as a second language making it the most common
among all survivors. 4 of the 12 original stations were from English
speaking countries with another 2 coming from English majority speaking
countries. That is half of the space stations containing most likely
English speaking crew and scientists,

as well as English material. The other 6 stations most likely had
bilingual or trilingual people who most likely had English as a second
language (and then most of the written manuals were also likely
bilungual to English similar to how the ISS is with English and
Russian).I used to afk GWD1 for invention and a little money on the side
while also pet hunting, now I do it for drop logs.

You can afk on the arc for mining, fishing, div, woodcutting, and
farming to get chimes if you don have everything there unlocked to work
towards the salty title and comp reqs (also the bonecrusher upgrade is
great for afk also).I afk on seren stones for approx 15 20 min everyday
for a chance at agility pet. Other than that I started burning magic
logs at shanty pass world 100 for afk firemaking to get that to 120

I started with Zily. Using scythe and augmented bandos or barrows I
was able to afk without really needing to heal outside of enhanced
Excalibur and soul split. Afk kills were like 40 seconds or so, and then
I could just turn off prayer between kills and didn need to pray more
than every 10 minutes at the altar in the room. Even without turning
prayer off you only use a few prayer potions or super restores .

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