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 , Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- The unique model
of a large housing project in Cleveland, Texas, invested by a Chinese
company Hydro
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 , has set an example for the future
development of the city, Mayor Otis Cohn said here on Wednesday.

Invested by China's Dalian Yihai Enterprise group, the Grand Oak Reserve
project is a 600 acre plus master-planned community Hydro
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 , with housing, commercial areas,
clubhouse and golf courses.

The city of Cleveland and the Liberty County have provided many incentive
policies of the project Hydro
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 , including reducing of tax and
infrastructure investment refund.

"The project will benefit the city as much as benefit the developer," Cohn
said at the ceremony. He noted the unique model of the project can be copied in
the future development of the city.

Interviewed by Xinhua, Cohn said the investment includes building
infrastructure in the area. "It will benefit families around the project as
well. Besides Hydro
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 , it will create many job opportunities
for local people."

Delivering a speech, Chinese Consul General in Houston Li Qiangmin said "with
the support from local county and city, this project is not only a business
success Hydro
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 , but can bring business
opportunity and jobs to the local community."

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