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I wouldn't say damaged, just different. The reason I like creating visual stuff is probably because it's osrs gold
the only way I can "see" what's in my head. But it's certainly guided
the types of things I do, and I can understand now why I'm better at
some stuff than others. For example, I'm good at broad concepts yet
struggle with details. I like creating a

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i live in canada and while it wasn legal, my friends place was
investigated after his parents called the cops on him for smoking. they
came over and did absolutely nothing (keep in mind it illegal AND he was
underage). on TOP of that, his parents were growing plants themselves.
so they were cultivating and called the cops on my friend for smoking.
they are extremely stupid but they luckily didn get busted for growing.
likely cause they live in the country

"system" or a set of rules for a design and then experimenting with
it to see what comes of it. I also gravitate towards non destructive
editing, since I often have no idea what something will look like before
I do it."What up with all these Steve Irwin posts?" is a better
question. It carries the implication of "I not asking for a wiki summary
of who he is. Rather, what event did I miss that made everyone start
posting about him all of a sudden?"

There a curious, old battle flag reposing in the rotunda of the
Alberta Legislature. Over the three decades or so I was around the
historic paskapoo sandstone castle on the North Saskatchewan,i the same
way when it comes to my ability to create a system or something. though
unlike you, i really don enjoy creating visual things because i have
extreme difficulty doing so.

I asked myself on many occasions, were those guys? Because unlike the
pronghorns and coyotes on some of the other retired regimental colours,
the 202 Overseas Sportsman Battalion emblem features a beaver on a fall
foliage maple leaf. Behind which are two crossed deer rifles with a
pair of sharptail grouse posing on the rifle butts. Nice.

but like you said, broad concepts are easy for me to understand but
when it comes to actually putting a concept to use (as is my case with
math) i really don do so well because i can picture what actually
happening in a problem even while it being shown to me. i believe this
is why i never did so well in the "Application" parts of anything i did.
i understood the concepts very well but when it came to applying the
concept, i had great troubles

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