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If you are planning to apply to big N then leetcode all the way. You have personal projects and runescape gold
intern experience, that gives you more than enough to talk about at any
interview. You are sort of late to prepare for leetcode questions, a
lot of big N are already sending out offers. My recommendation is to
focus on concepts of efficient code design and doing easy and medium

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When I did my onsite interview for bloomberg internship last year
most of the interviewers wore a polo or dress shirt and maybe khakis. I
wore a khakis, dress shirt, tie, and a sweater and was definitely the
best dressed anything more would been comically over dressed. The people
actually working pretty much wore jeans and a t shirt, or business
casual tops.

One guy was super fat and essentially rocking gamer gear. As an
engineer you don really interact with customers, so I don think it
matters what you wear or look like as long as you can craft nice
code.That give you just enough exposure to get through most technical
interviews assuming your interviewer isn having a bad day and throws you
a "hard" question, in which case you are fucked.

Similar situation, I got 1.7ish gpa my 2nd semester freshman year.
Later got arrested my 1st semester sophomore for some bs. I ended up
getting community service and wiped from my record. That was a wake up
call, and I busted my ass since. I have a 3.2 now as a senior 1st
semester. Currently applying to big names and hearing back from my dream
job that will pay 130 140k base this coming week.

It not easy, I overloaded on credits my junior year and made deans
list for those semesters. During the summer I grinded leet code and put
my all into my internship.You already have real world experience, all
you need is something to prove to employers that you can do
something.Life is filled with failures. The difference between
successful people and the 99% is how you react and use that failure as a
way to identify your flaws and make sure they aren the cause for future

I personally found it motivating to prove my old professors wrong.
The best feeling is eventually getting a job that pays more than what
people who didn believe in you earn. That is quite litterally society
showing you that your value is xxxxx amount of dollars.Also, especially
with a lowish gpa make sure you be friend everyone you know. Your best
chance of getting an interview will be referrals.

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