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In this age of satellite TV, the Internet and global information, a new generation of Kurds can see cheap runescape 2007 gold
on daily basis that the groups that most attract attention and
international respect and recognition are those that advocate violence,
especially criminal indiscriminate massacres of civilians. These methods
are also most effective in resisting and fighting oppressive states
with formidable killing machines and repressive apparatuses
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t is not difficult to learn from this, to be trained in the same
methods and to have access to bombs and bomb making knowledge and
equipment and to find frustrated young people prepared even to become
suicide bombers.When such terrorist methods are opted for, what will be
the reaction of the Turkish state? More repression. Here we enter the
vicious circle of destructive violence, the first hideous steps towards
the creation of hell.
Does Turkey want to transform Diyarbekir into Gaza, north Kurdistan
into Palestine and PKK into Hamas or Hezbollah?This is a question that
Turkey and its friends must ponder very carefully and rationally. Turkey
should stop its outdated absurd ideological war against the Kurdish
nation. Instead of thinking and planning to take the opportunity
of its involvement in Lebanon to find a way back to Iraq to destroy
Kurdish entity there, it is absolutely in the interests of Turkey and
every human being in the Middle East if Turkey does totally the
opposite: to encourage the emergence of a strong democratic Kurdistan
both in Iraq and Turkey which along with Turkey would be part of the
European Union and give an effective model to the oppressed peoples of
Iran too: The Azeris, the Kurds and the Baluchis.
Turkey should remain committed to the secular democratic principles
of modernism established by Kamal Ataturk while reviewing his ideology
and liberating it from its racist and ultra nationalist elements. After
80 years this is a long overdue task.It is Turkey's approach to the
Kurds and Kurdistan which determines the answer and the process.
Turkey is at a critical crossroads: will it move confidently and
rationally forward and be an important part of the modern democratic
world of 21st century? Or will it opt for retreating to its past: to
return to the 19th century as an isolationist theocratic racist state
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