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[more inside]posted by dee leeon Jul 5, 2015 What is a good academic introduction to transgender 07 runescape gold
theory?I'm updating a graduate survey course in critical theory that
cavasses all the main 'isms' and is quite high level. It includes
readings and discussions on feminist and queer philosophies and literary
theories but there is currently no section on transgender at all. I'd
like to change this.

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Last year, a parent told me "You've got great press in town, our kids
love you, but your back to school nights are terribly dull!" It's true.
So, parents, how do I make my ten minute presentation better without
relying on gimmicks to force the participation of attendees? What do you
really want to know? [more inside]

I am not interested in "how to" books, but rather ones that explore
the history and theory of designing and decorating. I am especially
interested in fashion, graphics, architecture, and the decorative arts. I
realize that this is a broad topic, but if there are books that you
especially enjoyed, please let me know the names as well as what makes
them so good.posted by mortaddamson Oct 7,

2017 Was the relative minor scale 'discovered' or 'created'?So, the
major scale is what it is because it's even (well tempered) tones
splitting up a mathematical actuality that exists due to
frequencies.Where the hell did the RELATIVE MINOR come from? Why don't
we start the relative minor on, say, the fifth or the third and play all
the notes in the major scale still?Is it a naturally occurring thing

Just the result of piano keys? The natural minor sure isn't very.
melodic (pun intended), so why what caused the focus on the 6th degree
of the major scale for the formation of a scale at all? [more
inside]posted by springboundon May 28, 2017 Why Do Some People Become
Conspiracy Theory Cranks as They Age?I know conspiracy theories aren't
limited to the elderly,

Tier 2 universities in Arizona ASU, UA, NAU that all come w
teaching assistantships. The programs are virtually indistinguishable
except one (NAU) offers a 2nd non thesis track with coursework
emphasizing Teaching Community College Mathematics. How much, if at all,
will my choice influence community college hiring decisions?

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