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you can watch on youtube and maybe one of your buddies will be able to help you out. Solak is runescape gold
not really a profitable boss so it pretty difficult to find a team for
it. 2 points submitted 2 months agoYou mentioned in your post how a
person with 10 KC can be just as competent as the person with 300 KC
because of the fact that they want to prove their worth to the veteran

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If that is actually your mentality when going into the kill then I
respect that because you are one of the very few people who actually
think like this. A lot of players don want to learn and like I mentioned
before, are only there for the rewards and expect to leech every kill
hence why learners are not being invited as often to raid teams.

A couple weeks back one of my good raid teams needed one more person
and I decided to invite a low KC guy to our team to help him get a kill
and I told him multiple times to remove stun abilities from his bar and
he told me that he isn going to stun and once we got to the stun pool,
he ended up pulling a full asphyx and then messaged me saying "Sorry,

it was on my Slayer revo bar". This is just one of the examples and
one of the reasons why a lot of "elitists" choose not to take potential
risks. 7 points submitted 4 months agoI don think that the hate for MTX
is because of people believing that it will devalue their achievements.
I a maxed player and played this game for over ten years now and I
honestly didn care much about things like lamps from treasure hunter

I understand that they have to make their money somehow but there
comes a time when enough is enough. Don you think that it a bit
discouraging to invest time into the game when you log in and you get a
pop up screen telling you to buy treasure hunter keys for 50% off and
all the other promotions that are going on? Also,

the whole Runepass idea which is basically a ripoff from Fortnite
Battlepass, even the interface looks the same. Jagex expect us to pay
another monthly fee on top of already increased $11/month membership
price. On top of all of that, have you been keeping up with the updates
in game recently? Most of the updates that come out have serious bugs
and it just shows that they don even test their content before releasing

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