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2018 Houston Texans Training Camp: Watch Tyrann Mathieu Mic’d Up

Inconsequential regular season? Preseason? Training Camp?
I really don’t care. The player Womens
Kevin Johnson Jersey
, the time of year, it doesn’t matter. Put it
into a plunger the size of a rocket ship and shoot it directly into my spine. I
don’t care. In this version of mic’d up, we get to watch one of the newest
Houston Texans, starting safety/former Pro Bowler/former college football meme,
Tyrann Mathieu Womens Nick
Martin Jersey
, run around the practice field. He tells his
teammates to make big plays, sings along to a tune he likes, flexes while
staring at the camera like I do after I rep 165 pounds on the bench press
(Athletes! They’re just like us!), brags that he doesn’t wear gloves, and covers
the Texans’ tight ends in man coverage. Now Authentic J.J.
Watt Jersey
, I’ve learned that I love a few things that I didn’t
know I loved this training camp. One, I love watching Kevin Johnson get shredded
by the Texans’ receivers. It feels good to see things from a different
perspective. Two, I’m really glad that I’m a month of skipped meals away from
weighing as much as Will Fuller V. And three, located in the same diorama as my
feelings towards Kevin Johnson, I looooove watching Ryan Griffin fail to get
open and drop passes when covered by Mathieu. It rules. Hopefully it transitions
to the regular season and Mathieu can help a defense that ranked 27th in the
league at covering tight ends last year.All I need now is some hot sweet footage
of Seantrel Henderson getting annihilated by J.J. Watt Authentic
Johnathan Joseph Jersey
, Jadeveon Clowney, and Whitney Mercilus.
ANYWAYS, click on the link below to watch Mathieu in action.Houston Texans News:
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