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The Pittsburgh Steelers have now won five straight games and continue to “stack wins.”

After their 52-21 thrashing of the Carolina Panthers
in Week 10 Cheap
Customized Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys
, the team now has a chance
to rest and relax and prepare for the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 11. Today in
the black-and-gold links article, we talk about how the Pittsburgh Steelers and
Carolina Panthers going head-to-head in Week 10 equated to big ratings for the
NFL. While most players, and even many fans, can’t stand Thursday Night
Football, as long as the NFL, and by proxy FOX, see more money coming it, it
won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.Let’s get to the news:Steelers-Panthers
game Thursday sees ratings spike on Fox, digital platformsBy: Joe Rutter,
Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewThursday nights continue to be a hit for the
Steelers.Not only did the Steelers improve to 8-1 on Thursday night games at
Heinz Field with a 52-21 victory against the Carolina Panthers, the game was
watched by 15.4 million viewers across all media platforms.That is a 15 percent
increase over the Week 10 Thursday night matchup in 2017 between Seattle and
Arizona and represented a 10 percent increase above the combined ratings for the
10-game Fox Thursday night package in 2017.In addition to rightsholder Fox, the
media platforms included NFL Network, FoxDeportes, NFL digital, Fox Sports
digital, Amazon and Yahoo Sports.The Nielsen audience for the Steelers-Panthers
game was 14.8 million viewers, a 13 percent increase over the 2017 Week 10
matcup.The game also featured a substantial uptick in digital streaming on
Amazon Prime Video, Twitch, NFL digital platforms, Fox Sports digital platforms
and Yahoo Sports. The average minute audience of 782,000 viewers represented a
105 percent increase over the 2017 Week 10 time slot.The Steelers,
‘instrumental’ in city’s recovery, are back homeBy: Jeremy Fowler, ESPNDRESSED
IN A BLACK Pittsburgh Steelers shirt, the woman sniffed back tears as she made
her way through the still-crowded memorial outside the Tree of Life synagogue in
Squirrel Hill, gently, unconsciously rolling a small stone in her right palm. I
never intended to start this “week with the Steelers” diary with a visit to
Squirrel Hill, but you realize quickly that, in this town, there’s no way to
separate the two: On this Monday morning, the two items above the fold in the
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are James Conner and the Squirrel Hill Massacre. There
are more parallels: David and Cecil Rosenthal, two of the 11 victims in the
deadliest attack on the Jewish community in United States history, were brothers
of Michele Rosenthal, the team’s former community relations manager; head coach
Mike Tomlin lives a block from the synagogue, near Art Rooney II, as well; two
buses of Steelers players, along with Hall of Fame running back Franco Harris,
attended the victims’ funerals last week. In Baltimore, eight days after the
attack http://www.authenticspittsburghsteelers.com/cheap-stephon-tuitt-jersey ,
Ben Roethlisberger sported cleats with the now ubiquitous “Stronger Than Hate”
logo featuring the star of David as part of the Steelers logo.That logo is
everywhere at this memorial, held this week at Tree of Life -- still framed by
yellow police tape and bursting with flowers, candles, rain-soaked signs and
heart-breaking personal notes. It’s painted onto the stones that mourners have
left behind for the dead, following Jewish custom. There are thousands of stones
here now, some precariously stacked four, five high, on top of the nameplates,
and when you begin to contemplate the massive, collective tapestry of grief they
form, it’s instantly overwhelming. The rest of the world may have moved on
already to the next mass shooting -- another 13 dead just 12 days later, in
Thousand Oaks, California -- but the sorrow in Squirrel Hill lingers.Even here,
the Steelers mean something. Along with the stones, which feature the team logo,
there is a man in a wheelchair paying his respects while wearing a throwback
Troy Polamalu jersey. A woman stands at a steel barricade, bowed in prayer,
holding up a giant poster asking people to put a Steel Curtain of love around
the Tree of Life. “Obviously, everyone is still really feeling the pain, but the
Steelers have been instrumental in uniting this community and supporting these
poor families,” says Dr. Stanley Marks, a lifelong Pittsburgh resident, Pitt
grad and the chairman of the nearby UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. “Forget sports
-- this team is an important fabric of the community.”After leaving Tree of
Life, I walked up a small hill to the Commonplace Coffeehouse on Forbes Avenue,
which had recently received a $650 donation -- free coffee for all on Saturday,
Nov. 3 -- from citizens in Newtown, Connecticut, who experienced the mass
shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. Just a few months ago, I was in Jacksonville,
working on a story about a shooting at a Madden tournament. The killer walked
right by a giant poster of the latest Madden NFL cover, featuring Steelers
wideout Antonio Brown. Sports used to be our escape, but the Steelers represent
the new normal now: Each of us connected, sometimes in multiple ways, to a mass
shooting.As I walked back to my car, a strange thumping noise stopped me in my
tracks at the foot of the Jewish Community Center on the west side of Squirrel
Hill, where the clock tower is in Hebrew, the flag is at half-mast and the steps
remain covered in flowers. Eventually I traced the sound to a large bay window
at the front of the building where toddlers in the center’s day care had crowded
onto the windowsill and were pounding on the glass until each passerby stopped
what they were doing to smile and wave back at them.Even the bus drivers were
pulling up short of their stop to open their doors to wave to the kids. As they
did, the info screens on the sides of the buses flashed the words: Pittsburgh
Strong.Don’t expect to hear much about James Conner before WednesdayBy: Mike
Florio, ProFootballTalkSteelers running back James Conner exited Thursday
night’s game and entered the concussion protocol. Don’t expect to hear anything
more about him until Wednesday.The Steelers have no obligation to comment any
player’s health until next Wednesday Youth
Antonio Brown Jersey
, when the first injury report is due in
advance of a Week 11 game against the Jaguars. With running back Le’Veon Bell
facing a Tuesday deadline to report or sit out the rest of the season, the
Steelers have no reason to say anything about Conner’s availability, or lack
thereof, before Bell shows up, or doesn’t.If Conner is expected to miss time
(and with a concussion who knows?), Bell would have a burst of leverage as the
door closes on his ability to play. If the Steelers need Bell, maybe they’d pay
him more than $855,000 per week, or maybe they’d include an incentive package or
something else like that in order to get him to show up.Chances are the Steelers
would simply hold firm on Bell’s franchise tender and assume Conner won’t miss
much if any time. The team has shown no inclination to bend on Bell, and it’s
unlikely that they’ll start doing it now.Steelers 2018 season betting preview
With still five days to go until the start of the 2018 season for the Pittsburgh
Steelers, the betting lines continue to change as we get closer to the first
game of the year. Thanks to changes in U.Sgambling laws that have made sports
betting legal in a number of states, many fans will have better access to
sportsbooks across the country this year, and the range of options for betting
has increased significantly this offseason with some online providers.As of
Monday, most bookmakers generally have the Steelers listed as the third favorite
to win Super Bowl LIII at odds ranging from 8/1 to 12/1, depending upon where
you look. The New England Patriots are the favorites, priced between 4/1 and
6/1, with the Philadelphia Eagles second favorites at 7/1 to 10/1, and the Green
Bay Packers are fourth in the betting at between 9/1 and 15/1.With the exception
of the few times the Steelers have actually managed to go undefeated during the
early stages of the year and then played convincingly over the course of the
season, rarely have you not been able to find better odds on Pittsburgh to win
the Super Bowl after the start of the season. While the first four games of the
year do not look especially challenging on paper, divisional games can be
tricky, and anyone looking to back the Steelers to win their seventh
championship in 2018 might be better served waiting a few weeks to place their
bets in hopes of a bigger price. Second favorites to win the AFC at a best price
of 9/2, only New England (2/1) has shorter odds. Unsurprisingly, they are
significant favorites to win the AFC North at around 1/3 (-330), with the
Baltimore Ravens listed at 7/2, the Cincinnati Bengals around 10/1 and the
Cleveland Browns around 14/1.In practical terms, greater profits can be earned
on an AFC Championship victory by simply betting on the Steelers to win each of
their playoff games than waiting all year to collect on a 9/2 futures bet, and
this is one to avoid until the price has drifted significantly. An AFC North
title bet only has value for those looking to do parlays, and even then the
price might be too skinny to warrant the risk. Oddsmakers have set the Steelers
line for regular season wins at 10.5 this season, with the under currently the
slight favorite with most sportsbooks. If you fancy Pittsburgh to have a strong
year, beating 10 wins seems like an achievable target. Certainly a good play for
big singles bettors or an addition to a futures parlay.The range of proposition
bets available is too long to list them all individually here, but some of the
more popular markets include league MVP, passing and rushing leaders and several
individual season player performance bets.Ben Roethlisberger can be backed at a
price of 30/1 to win the league MVP title, although Antonio Brown is actually
better value as more realistic candidate for the award at 40/1. If you liked the
look of James Washington in preseason, you can bet on him to win offensive
rookie of the year at 60/1.Fifth favorite among starting quarterbacks to throw
for the the most yards this season, Roethlisberger can be backed at a price of
10/1 for anyone who fancies a big year from No.7. Antonio Brown is the obvious
favorite to lead the league in receiving at 3/1, while JuJu Smith-Schuster can
be backed at 150/1 for anyone optimistic 2018 will be “lit”. Le’Veon Bell is
second favorite to claim the rushing title at 4/1 behind Ezekiel Elliott at just
under 3/1. At 125/1 to lead the NFL in sacks, T.J. Watt is a great value bet for
anyone expecting big things from the young outside linebacker this season and
Chris Boswell is well priced to lead all kickers in points at 10/1. It would
seem the bookmakers don’t have too much faith in an especially memorable season
for Mike Tomlin after listing him as the 18th favorite to be named coach of the
year at around 22/1 and the Steelers are 3/1 to miss the playoff altogether.
With some of these markets set to close when first game of the year kicks off
between the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons, you will need to gets your
bets on before Thursday if you want to grab a few of these prices.
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