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Pokmon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire drop tomorrow, bringing Pokmon fans worldwide another runescape 2007 gold
chance to gather their beloved fighting monsters, save the world and
become a Pokmon Master. Both games, which are remastered versions of the
original Pokmon Ruby and Sapphire, are basically the same, but some key
differences are worth noting. After all, how are you supposed to choose
which game to play if you don know what each one offers?

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You could always buy both in one neat package (and get 100 free
potions to boot), but let be realistic: Most people aren going to do
that.We found five major differences between Omega Ruby and Alpha
Sapphire and listed them here so you can decide which version is best
for you.The biggest, most notable difference between Omega Ruby and
Alpha Sapphire is right there on the games covers: the legendaries.

For those who haven played the original games, Omega Ruby gets
Groudon (the red guy), and Alpha Sapphire gets Kyogre (the whale).
Groudon is the Continent Pokmon, and as such, he a Ground type. When he
undergoes his primal reversion, a mid battle evolution new the series,
he becomes a Ground/Fire type. Kyogre is the Sea Basin Pokmon, and is
(obviously) a Water type. Both come with unique moves and stats,

Every Pokmon game launch ever features version exclusive Pokmon. Game
Freak does this to either encourage players to interact and trade with
each other or to tempt fans to buy both versions. So it should come as
no surprise that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire come with Pokmon you can
only get in one version or the other.

The Omega Ruby exclusive Pokmon include Latios, Mawile, Seedot,
Nuzleaf, Shiftry, Solrock and Zangoose while the Alpha Sapphire ones are
Latias, Sableye, Lotad, Lombre, Ludicolo, Lunatone and Serviper. Of
course, with messaging boards, forums and mystery trades, it should be
no problem acquiring the elusive Pokmon you seeking, regardless of
version purchased.

Thoverall tone and plot are the same, but the variety in rival teams,
available Pokmon, legendaries and mega evolutions means the games have
some pretty big differences, at least aesthetically. You can go wrong
with either game, but now you know everything you need to make an
informed decision on which one to purchase. Altaria, Glalie, Salamence,
Metagross, Lopunny, Gallade, Audino and Diancie.Now get out there and
become a Pokmon Master!

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