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reat a college player Williams was.) Henderson has scored 18 touchdowns (tied for tops in the country) and buy runescape gold
two more trips to the end zone will tie him with Anthony Miller on the
Tigers' career chart with 40 (second to Williams's 60). He actually has a
chance to break one of Williams's records: 23 touchdowns in a single
season (2004).

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Henderson is third in the country with 44 plays of at least 10 yards
(behind two wide receivers). He's had 15 plays go at least 30 yards and
nine at least 50. The numbers are as silly as they seem. Enjoy every
Henderson carry (or catch) the rest of the season. He may be playing on
Sundays a year from now.

1. Start with your conceptYou should not start any flyer printing
project without knowing what message or messages you are trying convey.
What aspect of your business are you trying to communicate? What
benefits are you offering your customers that you are expressing through
your flyers? What specials or sales (if any) are you going to be

You also want to know what types of customers you are targeting with
your flyer campaign. Determine what your message is, and who will be
most affected by that message. This will have a tremendous impact upon
your overall flyer printing project.2. Make it eye catchingNo matter how
great your message is, and how defined you have made it,

it will not work if you do not make your flyers attractive. Try to
think of what images and colors and words you can use to make your
flyers stand out. Your flyers need to be aesthetically pleasing and as
unique as possible. Obviously, there is only so much you can do while
staying within the definition of a flyer, but try to be as creative as

You should constantly evaluate (and re evaluate) your flyers and
their effectiveness. If you see an aspect of your flyer campaign that is
not working the way you would like, ditch it and try something else. On
the other hand, take the things that are working and build upon them.

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