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And if you say, die at 110% enrage, it suck having to go back to 0 and it only piles more cheap runescape gold
ills up, making your dry streak longer. At least by starting at 100, a
death at 110 wouldn severely butcher your overall drop rate. Just
something to think about.Telos isn that great to start with as failure
rate is high. It gets better though and eventually becomes better money
than anything else you have access to. 1 point submitted 28 days ago

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Once in melee distance just pray melee and try to keep him there the
best you can. If he moves away try to switch to magic until in melee
range again. If you do end up taking Tuz magic bleed you can freedom out
of it, but of course you can do it too often either so be careful.
Experts can use revenge against Tuz magic attack but if you just
starting out I wouldn worry too much about it.

For armor etc don worry about sirenic. It might be more useful for
Yakamaru but Beastmaster definitely does not necessitate armor above Nex
armor like virtus and pernix. In general the Nex armors are fine at
basically all bosses. 2 points submitted 5 hours agoThis is just what I
would suggest if you are a new tank. Also be ready to voke the pet
back. They jump around a bit so just be ready for that.

First off. Your revo bar should look pretty much the same if you have
a shield on or not. Just use your normal dps bars. When tanking you
just rotate between defensives. I normally start with a devotion, then
put on a shield res a hit the activate reflect, then wait 10 seconds
then use debilitate then use barricade, then you just sort of repeat
that till it time to kill the pet. Be aware this is like the super safe
way of doing it. In a lot of teams you just sort of dps the whole time.

I recommend starting from 100 at your point. This way you have both a
good chance at unique drops (compared to below 100) and continuously
have that P5 practice every kill. It a phase you want to master and get
comfortable with.That what I did. I did a mixture of pushing enrage when
I had the mood for it and always started my streaks from 100. I would
continue until death.

which seems nuts to me but I not going to question a good thing.Those
symptoms happened to me in the same order, tho I didn replace my phone.
At first I developed battery issues (admittedly I played a lot of
graphic intensive games) so I replaced it. Then the power button
malfunctioned and it went into bootloops. So I took out a screwdriver,.

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