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with the arc, ion beam or electron beam melting, the hammer will hit the anvil seat, resulting in a round buy runescape 2007 gold
flaky powder, powder size of 25mm diameter to a thickness of 5 300m.
The cooling rate depends on the thickness of the flaky powder in the
range of 104 106 / s. Principle of hammer and anvil method is similar
to the piston anvil technology and dual piston technology,

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hydrocarbons, cryogenic fluids, etc.), metal flow is broken under the
pressure of the argon, liquid metal, quench, under the centrifugal
force through rapid quenching media to reach the rotation and finally
get the powder. Analysis showed that increasing the speed of the
rotating cup, reduce the liquid metal nozzle size, and improve the
superheat of the liquid metal can be refined powder size; increase

the gas injection pressure can reduce the splashing of the liquid
metal on the surface of quenching medium, and then improve powder
recovery rate. The molten metal first gas atomization, centrifugal
atomization and shock atomization, and then into the rotating cup
quenching medium, which can be avoided crucible nozzle clogging and
corrosion, but also improve the atomization efficiency.

Rotating cup method can produce all kinds of steel, high temperature
alloys, aluminum, copper, nickel and other alloy systems of metal
powder, powder of spherical or irregular shape. For iron based alloys,
with a diameter less than 50m powder particle cooling rate of at least
106 / s. Rapid solidification and general atomized powder, with a
rapidly rotating cup method of production of powder size distribution is

fine nickel powder yield rate, but the fast rotating cup is still in
the laboratory research stage.Mechanical atomization method is using the
purely mechanical fragmentation to make the liquid metal into small
droplets, and then quickly solidified into a metal powder. Hammer anvil
method is a metal material is placed in the horizontal plane of the

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